New Year’s Motivation – Declutter/Organize Your Home

Here we are on Day Three of our New Year’s motivation series.  Today, we are talking my best tips to clean/declutter/organize your home.  I’ve got more than 100 posts to choose from in this category, so I couldn’t narrow it down to just five posts.  Instead, I selected five different types of posts to help you clean and organize your home.  

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I have a literal BOATLOAD of ideas to clean, declutter, and organize your home.

Interestingly, I had my own clutter challenge just today.  My 18-year-old son discovered water had leaked in his room from a leaky sink – several days ago.  What a mess – wet carpet, wet box spring, wet bookcase and it was all starting to mildew.  In a word – ew!

And, being a typical messy boy, and the packrat son of a packrat mother, well it was a challenge.  We spent the whole morning packing up his books, mementos, and other debris so we can pull up the carpet.  We also eliminated an enormous box o’ stuff.  Even though I just convinced him to eliminate another enormous box o’ similar stuff just last week!  Hopefully, at the end, he will have a moderately clean and mildew-free room that is free of about 50% of its clutter.

So, let’s begin with my series on organizing your kids.

This is a three part series on various aspects of organizing your kids:

Organizing Kids and Chores

Organizing Kids and Homework

Managing Kids on School Mornings – ugh!  

A few simple strategies can make your home almost self-cleaning.

Being a lazy, super-busy person, this is one of my favorites!  Even if you only do a few of these, it will absolutely make your home easier and faster to clean.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Self-Cleaning – I promise, this WORKS!

Cleaning Products for Lazy People – This one is kind of a twin post to the self-cleaning post.  These are inexpensive gadgets that will help keep your house cleaner automatically.

Let’s do some digital organization posts:

Eliminate your Email Overload and get to the Emails you WANT

Sneaky Tricks to Get Facebook to Behave Itself!

How ’bout a trio of paper management tactics?

Eliminate 90% of Your Paper Clutter

Manage Your Daily Mail

Going on a Magazine Fast

Now that you’ve learned to eliminate a BUNCH of stuff, you need to have an effective strategy for the stuff you plan to keep.

Here are some helpful storage solutions.

Ways to Maximize Your Storage

Storage Solutions for Dummies – This is one of my MOST popular posts.

There ya go folks!  A plethora of organizing options just for you.  Come back tomorrow for some positive parenting posts.

Here are my previous posts in the series:

General Motivation

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  1. I love this post! I’m trying to declutter a toooon in 2017 and saw it in the SITS linkup. I’m glad I came over to look because there are seriously good ideas here. I like the 7 ways to make your house self-cleaning… now if I could just convince my husband to take his shoes off.

    • Adrian's Crazy Life says:

      Very cool, glad you like my tips. I actually have a quote that says “Life is full of choices – you can either remove your shoes or mop the floor, it’s up to you”. But yes, I do have the same problem with my husband.

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