5 Unique Ways to Save Money on Fiverr.com

5 Unique Ways to Save MONEY with Fiverr.com @AdriansCrazyLif I share tips on how I both sell AND buy services on Fiverr.com. It's an amazing site


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated by Fiverr in any way for this post, but if you click over and order any of my gigs, I will receive compensation for my work – yay me!  This is one of many ways I keep this site up and running.  Once in a while you run across a goldmine of an idea and you want to immediately share it with the world!  That’s how I feel about

Once in a while you run across a goldmine of an idea and you want to immediately share it with the world!  That’s how I feel about Fiverr.com.

I ran across Fiverr.com last Fall when I found an article about it and how people were making lots of money doing these little $5 jobs.  I like money – so I went over a checked it out.  It looked pretty interesting, so after doing a bit more research, I set up a few $5 gigs of my own.  Some of them didn’t take off, but one of them did – writing complaint letters for people.  You’d be surprised at what people will complain about and how much they are willing to pay to have someone write a nice letter for them.  Now I’ve expanded and I do Pinterest work for people.  I help them optimize their Pinterest profile for their small business.  

The base price starts at $5, but then you can add “extra” for more money – an extra $5 for same day service, $5 more for a two-page letter, etc.  I’ve also added a new gig for fundraising letters because I’ve done a TON of fundraising over the years.  I’ve done about 50 little jobs like this so far and I’m making a small, but growing income at this.

But to me, the real benefit is what you can BUY on Fiverr.  You wouldn’t believe what you can get on that site for just $5.

1.  Graphics or images.  In order to be successful, every blogger needs great Pinterest-ready images for posts.  But it was getting very time-consuming for me to create all my own images.  So, I found a Fiverr seller who creates all my images.  At first, I was able to get five images for $5, but now she’s wised up and offers just three images for $5, but still it’s a killer deal and saves me about 20 minutes per post.  Here is a sample of one of the images by my Fiverr seller WhitneyLayne.  She even does my watermark for me.



2.  Research.  When I was moving over from my old Blogspot blog to this new WordPress one, I needed to set up my categories and my tags.  I suck at doing SEO research, so I was quite happy to pay another Fiverr seller to research the key words for me to find out if Parenting Tips would do better than Parenting Ideas or Tips on Parenting.  Again it was a 5 searches for $5 deal, so I got all my site research done in one day for just $10.

3.  Videos – There are people on there who will do logos, graphics, videos, drawings or just about any other kind of image work you can imagine.  I found a seller who was offering TWO custom-made 30 second videos for just $5.  That’s just crazy, so for the cost of about a soda, he created this nice video exactly to my specifications for my Debt Snowball gig.

4.  Writing and editing gigs.  This is one of the most popular categories on Fiverr.  There are people on there who will proofread and edit ANYTHING, or will write an entire blog post for you starting at just $5.  They’ll even do your homework for you, so you might want to warn your kids away from this site, or they’ll use up all their allowance paying people to do their homework!

5.  Funny stuff.  There’s a ton of just bizarre and crazy stuff out there, but some of it’s really fun.  My youngest son and I are big Dr. Who fans.  So for Christmas, I found a seller in the “Nerd” category who would create his name in Dr. Who’s unique circular language.  It’s so beautiful, I’m going to have it printed on a t-shirt for him.


My contribution to the weird category is my little Catnip Pillows for Cats.  I had just bought a sewing machine and had a lot of extra fabric lying around, so I made a bunch of cute little catnip stuff pillows for people’s kitties.  Mine LOVE them.  So far no one’s ordered any, but I’m hopeful.

But in the bizarre category, you can find all sorts of funny and unusual gifts for people.  You could make a custom video for your husband’s birthday, have a name or favorite phrase laser-engraved on a rock, have someone belly-dance or make up a funny song for a friend who needs cheering up.

Quite literally the sky is the limit with this site.  Pop over and see for yourself.  Maybe even check out one of my gigs.  I recommend the complaint letter one – everyone has SOMETHING to complain about and some of my letters have produced some great results.

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  1. I’d love to know which seller you purchased the video from for future use. I tried to buy an identical service for my blog a few months ago and got totally scammed. The video was clearly not made from scratch and something I had seen on You-Tube used previously. I had paid $15 and fortunately, Fiverr issued my refund even though the seller had refused.

    • Tech Person says:

      Oh gosh. It’s been like 3 years so I don’t even remember. One tip is to check their feedback really carefully. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are groups of sellers who will buy fake gigs from each other and leave phony feedbacks for each other. So be very cautious if you see identical feedback comments numerous times in a row. Things like Outstanding service! repeated exactly. Fortunately, they let you have a refund. They usually do if you insist. Good luck!

  2. I too started on Fiverr last year. It’s been a great run. As a buyer, it is definitely a great option (especially for graphics). You still need to be careful as a consumer as there are scrupulous sellers.

    Writing a complaint letter is definitely a skill worth more than $5, but it’s obviously something you’re seeing great return on.

    • Quite true. I always look at the reviews very carefully. I had one guy from Pakistan put malware on my site so I got a lot more careful after that. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I’ve heard of Fiverr but haven’t tried it out yet. I’ll be changing my header soon and may use them to help! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from Saturday Sharefest

    • Great idea! I think the graphics section is one of the larger categories. There are tons of great artists who can do all sorts of cool stuff. Be sure and pop back over here to show me after you get it done! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love Fiverr.com. I definitely get sucked into paying for the add one though.

    • Yeah, it’s not a deal if you end up paying too much for it, but even with the add-ons, you can find some dang good deals over there. And if I’m earning money there too, at least it isn’t coming out of my pocket when I end up buying stuff too.

  5. So I love and have used divert but why hadn’t I thought of the video idea!!? I am about to launch a #girlboss series and just spent hours creating a simple intro that I could surely do there! You evil genius.

  6. Neato!! I can’t believe all the bargains you got for 5 bucks! And you get paid for writing complaint letters?? What a cream job, is that!!
    I seriously need to check this out!

    • I know, sweet! And it’s fascinating to see all the different stuff people complain about. I could spend all day browsing around on that site.

  7. I’ve never heard of Fiverr but I’m going to have to look into it! Thanks for the tips

  8. Such great tips! I really need these because I’m not great at budgeting. My husband is very much into clutter so I need to try and help him with that one.

    • Did I mention that I have a decluttering gig on Fiverr? You can send me a photo of the worst area in your home (like a bookshelf or a closet) and I will provide 5 tips on how to make it much better. That’s a bargain for $5 because professional organizers charge big bucks for a consult like that.

  9. I just discovered Fiverr and I’m so excited about it!


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