My Secret Weapon for Finance – Get Rich Slowly

I don’t pretend to be perfect with my money.  I still spend too much on clothes and other impulse purchases, save too little, and don’t pay as much on my credit cards as I should. The fact that I have credit card debt at all clearly demonstrates that I don’t have my act together as much as I wish I did.  However, I make progress on it steadily and I like to think that I’ve done what I can to prepare us for college, retirement, and various emergencies.  That’s more than many people are able to accomplish, so I try to share what financial advice I can on my blog.  

After I wrote about all the finance-related topics that were rolling around in my head, I started poking around the Internet for inspiration.  And I definitely found it.  There are a ton of websites and blogs out there offering some great financial advice on every topic from couponing to retirement accounts.  

The best one I’ve found is called  I’ve been reading them for a year or so (I signed up for their daily Email updates).  One thing I’m smart enough to figure out is when I need to turn to someone smarter than me.  In reading their posts, time after time, I’ve found myself flagging at least a couple of them a week because they had great ideas I wanted to re-work and share with you on my own blog.  They have a number of staff writers who cover posts from a lot of different perspectives and they have some great think-out-of-the-box ideas that I really enjoy.  One of the most recent ones I enjoyed was from Barry the Irish Polyglot who told us how to learn a foreign language without spending a cent.  It led me to a great free flashcard program called Anki that has helped my son a lot with his Spanish homework.

However, you might want to check it out yourself and if you’re smart, you’ll sign up for their daily Email list.  You might end up just a little richer for it.  Here’s a link to their “Best of 2011” post.  It has a lot of great tips and resources in it.  Best of GRS 2011

If you’d like to see a complete list, just click on the Smart Money label at the end of this post.


  1. Thanks for sharing the site with us! I am definitely going to check it out! This year has been a challenging one and I could use some tips.

  2. GRS is totally awesome. There are SO SO many great PF sites out there. I probably read somewhere between 50-100. I’m ALWAYS learning something.

  3. I really like the name of the website and the concept it implies! The internet is so full of fake or sketchy “get rick quick” schemes–this is certainly a wiser approach.

  4. I want to check out the link about learning a foreign language for free! A lot of the children I work with speak Spanish as their family’s native language. Even if I don’t learn to speak fluently enough, I’d like to learn enough to be able to figure out if the translator at meetings is being lazy (which the teacher I work with says really happened to her the other day at an IEP meeting!)

  5. Thanks for the reminder, stopping by from SITS SHAREFEST! Keeping on a budget and saving is very important to me, I’m going to check out the links!

  6. Thanks for the site. I will be going there. Moving in the right direction is the name of the game. We cannot perfect our $ lives overnight only slowly but surely. Thx for your inspiration Adrian.

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