Guest Posting about Bullying at Mom It Forward

I’m having a busy week for guest posting.  First my sibling rivalry post was on the Empowering Parents blog earlier this week, now another one of my favorite posts is on the Mom It Forward site today.  

I have shared this post recently on my blog about my son’s experiences with bullying and some of my ideas about how the school system handles bullying.  But I knew it wouldn’t get a lot of views here on my little blog, so I asked my friends over at Mom It Forward to help me give it a better platform and they were glad to assist.  

Bullying is a big problem these days, so I think it helps to have people share their ideas and come up with new an innovative ways to combat it.  I hope you can pop over to my post on Mom It Forward and leave your comments over there on your own experiences with bullying.  Or just say “Hey, I know her – she’s awesome!” or something supportive like that.  

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  1. I’m looking forward to checking both posts out!! Just found you on the SITS Sharefest linkup.

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