What I did on my Summer Vacation 2012

I can’t believe summer is almost over already.  I know I say this every year when I get to this point, but it’s always shocking how quickly summer goes by.  It’s been a crazy, fun, exciting summer, as usual.  

I didn’t do all that much myself, no business trips, or big family vacations this year.  Since we had just been on a cruise in April, even a trip to see the grandkids wasn’t in the budget this summer.  

Attending my 3rd EVO Conference in Park City was probably the biggest highlight of my summer.  I got to hang out with some awesome folks, get spoiled rotten by the Canyons staff, and learn lots of great stuff about blogging.

Then just 3 days later, I had the Stampin’ Up! Convention in downtown Salt Lake.  It was a busy and exhausting four days of stamping and spending time with my SU buddies.  This was my 7th Convention and as usual, I came home with a boatload of great new ideas.  Sorry, but my pictures ended up awful.  I took a bunch of pictures, but most of them are pictures of projects.  I got like one picture with people in it and the lighting was terrible.

The rest of my summer was mostly consumed by packing my son off to Scout campouts.  I counted no fewer than six (yes, six!) campouts that he went on this summer.  Some were a full week and some were just a weekend, but its always such a headache getting them off.  Especially since I’m the camping coordinator for our Troop, so I always have a boatload of of work to get 30 to 50 boys safely there and back each time.

This is our Urban camping experience earlier this month. I actually attended this one. We caught plenty of pond scum, but no actual fish. But the boys had a great time.  With a little help here and there from our Scoutmaster, I actually got the hang of it.  


These are our boys at Summer Camp.  We sent 50 Scouts and leaders to camp this year!  It was quite an adventure this time around.  The Colorado fires came within 5 miles of their originally planned location, so we had just a week to shift the whole camp to a different camp in Wyoming.  Fortunately, we have a dedicated person who organizes our summer camps, so I didn’t have to do the majority of the work on that one, but I did pitch in as much as I could.

The fires have been awful this year and they are still going on all around us. We haven’t had smoke-free skies in two weeks and so many people have lost their homes and property.  

It was really quite tragic this year.  As our boys were headed up to their summer camp, the day before they arrived, there was a terrible accident and 3 Scouts and a leader from another Troop were killed, along with a 3 year old child in another vehicle.  It was just awful, especially as we had 11 cars full of boys (including my own son!) driving around that same area.  

We found out pretty quickly that it wasn’t our boys, but it really brought home to us how easily it could have been some of our boys.  I can’t imagine what their poor parents suffered.  One boy had just finished his Eagle, but hadn’t yet had his ceremony and his older brother had to come back from Afghanistan for his funeral.  How sad.  I would be so devastated if it were any of our Scouts.  

My younger son also went on a church Mission Trip to Joplin, MO.  That was such a wonderful trip.  We sent about 25 kids and 4 leaders on a 10 day trip to go there and help them rebuild.  This is his 2nd such trip, and Matt did at least four of them during his High School years and beyond.  I think it’s a wonderful tradition and really gives them an opportunity to see what life is like for other people.  Plus it’s just a nice bonding thing for the group and the leaders.  

Somehow we managed to make it to the Scottish games.  Don’t my boys look handsome in their kilts?  That is always one of the big highlights of their summer.  

Here is Matt with his cute girlfriend Pam.  They’ve just moved into their first apartment together.  They’ve been dating for a year and they figured it was time to take things to the next level.

It has been an interesting summer.  It will be interesting to see what the Fall and Winter are going to be like.  Probably just as crazy-busy as the Summer was.

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