I went CAMPING – no, really!

I have to admit, I am the indoor-est of indoor girls.  On the average day, I probably spend less than 3 minutes in the great outdoors.  Just enough time to get from the car to the door of my heated and air-conditioned office, and get right back to my heated and air-conditioned house.  And my car, obviously, is heated and air-conditioned.  

To me, that’s the big drawback of the great outdoors that everyone else seems to be so enamored with.  It’s almost always too hot, too cold, too windy, or too something.  

For most girls, it’s the bugs, snakes, and lizards and stuff. I’m just fine with all that stuff, even mice.  My husband is terrified of them, so I have to catch them and get rid of them whenever the cat brings them in.  But my biggest fear is being uncomfortable.  Well that, and having to pee outside.  Those are both pretty equally horrifying to me.

But this time, I actually did go camping.  For a whole weekend.  Yeah, me!  And, surprisingly, I had a pretty good time.  You see, I’ve been the camping coordinator for my son’s Scout troop this year.  They have around 50 boys and they camp 11 months out of the year, so that’s no small job.

After planning so many campouts, I got kind of curious about what all the fuss was about and why everyone seemed to have such a good time.  So, I decided to give it a try.  

Once a year, we do have one campout where we actually have cabins.  And indoor toilets.  And even a mess hall with an actual stove.  Although this time of year, there is one rather important thing they don’t have – running water.  

I lost all my pictures when I baptized my brand new iPhone in the washing machine (sigh), but I’ll paint you a picture instead.  Me, one other Mom, and 50 Scouts, dads, and leaders.  The weather was fairly decent.  It was supposed to snow like crazy all weekend, but we only got a dusting of it on Sunday and it was actually nice and sunny on Saturday. 

The food was pretty good – one of the Scout leaders cooked all the meals, not me, though I took my turn as kitchen help.  And we not only had a space heater in our cabin, but I brought along a small electric throw, so I was snug as a bug.  I even got used to flushing the toilets with buckets of river water – oh joy!  At least we HAD toilets.  

Of course, I still spent about 90% of my time indoors, but I got to pretend I was camping, and I did have a pretty good time.  And the 50 to 2 ratio, that was kind of nice.  I’m kind of used to being around guys, they’re so much easier to deal with than women.  They are much more relaxed and easy-going, although they’re much different to communicate with.  I love it when I send them a well thought-out Email of several different paragraphs covering a variety of topics and suggestions and I either get back the virtual equivalent of “grunt” or nothing at all.  

Maybe I’ll even try it again, but on a summer campout this time.  They’re on their own for snow caves and winter Troop competition!  

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