2002 Olympics 10th Anniversary

Last week, we had a very special event going on.  Ten years ago this month, we had the 2002 Olympics right here in our backyard, so of course we had to make a big fuss about it!  

First was the torch re-lighting ceremony.  

This was up at Rice- Eccles Stadium, but these banners are still all around town,  Hard to believe that they still look so good ten years later!

The famous Holberman Arch.  It doesn’t open and close any more, but it’s still on display at the stadium.  Most of the medals were awarded under this arch in the evening.

Lots of volunteers managed to scounge up their uniforms out of closets.  I even found my Roots hat and my USOC credentials.

Here’s our beautiful torch.  It really was a work of art – fire and ice!  It was so cool to go about my day around town and see it burning from all over the valley.  I don’t think any town that has ever had the experience of the real Olympic flame will ever forget it.

This is my favorite picture.  I was part of the Mascot team, so this brings back a lot of memories for me and I never got a picture with BOTH my Olympic uniforms before!

They had some technical difficulties in actually getting the torch to light.  We were just leaving when they finally got it going.  It only stayed lit for a total of about 10 minutes, so I was lucky to get a shot of it!  

Next up was the Roots beret parade at the Gallivan center.  I’m bummed that I didn’t get a picture of that.  But I did get a picture of me with my Silver Medal!  Well OK, it wasn’t exactly mine, it was this guy standing next to me – Bill Schafenhauer of the US Bobsled Team.  He was the first Puerto Rican to receive an Olympic Winter Medal.  It’s pretty heavy and they created a different one for each sport, something they hadn’t done before, I think.  You can see that I’ve got my Mascot gloves under my arm.  One of the souvenirs were were allowed to keep.  

Probably the biggest event was the one at the Gallivan Center.  It was an all-day event, but I only got to go for part of it.  this was supposed to be a picture with Mitt Romney, but I guess he slipped off to go to his fancy-dancy private party, so this is us with former Governor, Mike Leavitt.  I’m way off to the left side at the bottom.  

This was one of the rare Trumpeter coats.  They were so beautiful and my husband wants one BAD.  But they are pretty rare.  Only about 130 of them were ever made, so I’m sure they’d be out of our price range.  They are pretty though.

This is my friend Cheryl.  I met her at church about a couple of years ago and she is so sweet.  Our last names are very similar so they are right next to each other on the wall behind us.  So I made sure we got a picture in front of “our” section of the wall.  Small world, isn’t it?

I tried to get a picture with all three mascots, but they were being mobbed.  So I got this picture with some random volunteer.  They do look pretty cute, don’t they?  

I’ll leave you with a very cool video.  These were Olympic hopeful snowboarders doing a bunch of awesome tricks on a trampoline, with their snowboards on!  Hilarious and very cool.  

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