Christmas at the Crazy House – 2011 Version

Christmas is coming along nicely here at the crazy house.  it’s the day before Christmas Eve and all the presents are bought, wrapped, and are waiting to go under the tree (with four cats, we don’t take any chances!)  

Even though my husband has been off work this winter for his shoulder surgery, thankfully we’ve been saving up all year for Christmas, so we’ve actually been in pretty good shape.  I have to say, that is so much nicer than putting it all on a credit card and facing those big bills in January.  

I have to say, I love Christmas, but it’s a heck of a lot of work.  I take a whole week off around the 10th to get most of it done so I can relax and enjoy myself for the rest of the month.  That way I can get all my decorating, shopping, and mailing done.  Speaking of decorating, I thought you’d like a peek at some of my special Christmas decor.

I like to have a pretty color-coordinated tree.  Last year, we had the blue, silver, and white tree.  This year, we switched back to the candy cane tree.

Notice the sports themed ornaments – my husband is OU all the way.  The snowman says “Will work for Freezer Space”

See that one with the golf tees in it?  This year, SONY DSCmy son Matt got that one in honor of my Dad who was a big golfer.  That makes him an awesome son, but on the other hand, he also got THIS ornament – in both red and blue to match BOTH trees.  Yes, we are the redneck family of ourneighborhood! 


Christmas decor

I love my little skaters.  I painted those about  25 years ago and they come out every year! 

One of the things I like best is the chance to get out some of the beautiful items I’ve made over the years.  It kind of reminds me of how crafty I used to be BEFORE I discovered the Internet, that is.  


Like my Santa coasters?


Hand painted ornaments



This cross-stitched stocking took me two YEARS to finish.   You bet that baby is coming out every year!



















Last year, our cats “beheaded” Joseph and batted his head all around the living room.   This year, we have a motion sensor alarm protecting the mantel.  Naughty kitties! 

Here is my trifecta of nativity sets.  I actually have 3 or 4 other sets, but these are my favorites.  I probably need a 12 step program or something, but it’s only once a year, so I guess I can keep it under control for one month. 

This SONY DSChumble little needlepoint mailbox is the key to our whole present delivery strategy.  I have a pair of these that I made back before I got married (ancient history!).  Our tradition is that each boy will find a note in “their” mailbox that leads them on a helter-skelter trip around the house to discover their “big wow” gift which is hidden somewhere in the house.  It’s a great strategy for those large, hard-to-wrap gifts like bikes, guitars, and computers. 

This year, Matt’s girlfriend Pam is spending Christmas with us, so of course she has to have a hunt of her own.  She’s going to have to share a mailbox though, ‘cuz I lost the pattern for these years ago.  And besides, now that I’ve found the Internet, I think I’ve lost most of my crafting mojo.  That’s why I have to hang onto all this old stuff!
Naturally, we’ll be headed to church for the midnight candlelight service.  That’s always our special Christmas moment.  Fortunately, the weather is supposed to be cold but clear.  Think of me as I’m staying up til ONE as usual to stuff the stockings and litter the house with post-it notes for the great present hunt!

Merry Christmas from us at the Crazy House!

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