Pictures from the Consignment Sale

Remember when I shared the info about the huge sale at my church.  Well, the pre-sale was tonight, so of course, I had to go and check it out.  When I pulled into the incredibly crowded parking lot and about 50 ladies standing out in the rain with their laundry baskets in hand, I knew it was going to be something unusual.  

No one told me about the laundry baskets. I was the ONLY one in line without a basket, a Rubbermaid tub, or a LARGE bag. Once I got inside, I could see why. Everyone lines up their baskets in the halls and every possible space, and then they FILL those babies up!  Some of them had two or three baskets full. So much easier than trying to lug all your stuff around!

The thing I like about this sale is that they have been doing this for 17 years, so it is the most organized event you’ve ever seen.  Everything is SO organized.  Here are the clothes – girls on the left, boys on the right, and everything hanging on the racks clearly labeled by size.

It’s nice when everything is tagged with the same sized tags, all placed in the same location.  Takes one second to find the price for anything.  That’s the way I like to shop.  I hate to dig around for the prices on things. No bargaining though.  The marked price is what you pay, but the prices are darn low. 

This is the furniture room.  There was also a whole room of just shoes, rooms for little kids toys, larger play equipment, older kids toys, and a whole section for electronic games and books. 

This is a shot of the bedding room.  I couldn’t even get half of it in the shot!  That’s a lotta stuff. 

Then when you are ready to check out, we have a whole table full of friendly volunteers with cash registers to help you.  Even with the big crowds, we got checked out in about 10 minutes total.  Cash and checks only, no credit cards. 

If you’re in the Salt Lake area, c’mon down and see us on Fri or Sat.  Lots of great bargains for you and your kids!  

985 East 10600 South
Sandy, UT  84093

Here are the sales dates & times:

Friday, April 8, 9 am- 8 pm – No strollers before noon due to crowds

Saturday, April 9, 8 am – 2 pm – Clothes & shoes an extra 25% off on Sat.

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