Marvelous March Stampin’ Up! Projects

I had some particularly nice projects for the March classes.

Gorgeous all-purpose Big Shot card

I just love this one.  I copied it (kinda sorta) from the Stampin’ Success magazine they send us every month.  
Flower Thank You Card

Isn’t this just gorgeous?  I just learned how to make these flowers for hairpins or broaches.  They are super easy with our Circles Big Shot die.  You just cut a small piece of fabric and it cuts four sizes of circles at once, and you can cut 8 sets of them at one time, depending on the thickness of the fabric.  Then you use a candle to melt and singe the edges of the fabric to get the rose-like texture.  Very cool and I’m in the process of making them in a whole bunch of gorgeous colors!  

Pretty flower with Big Shot

This card is my favorite!  I shamelessly copied it from my friend Patty Bennett over at  She always has such great ideas!  

Cute Littie Froggy

Look at this cute little froggy!  He’s made from about six different punches all layered up together.  There are dozens of samples like these floating around online.  You can do some amazing things with punches.  
Mar11Proj (3)








Haven’t done a baby card in a while, so I put this one together.  It’s also a great way to use up a few scraps you might have laying around.

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