Christmas 2010 at the Crazy House

Merry Christmas from the Crazy House!  2010 was a great Christmas for us.  Everyone is doing well and jobs are a bit more stable this year, so we were able to have a nice holiday this year.  We managed to get a little time with our family – a weekend with the grandkids and a quickie visit with my sister & brother-in-law who are vacationing in Hawaii this year to see one of their kids, who lives there.  

We made visits to both of our churches (Methodist & Presbyterian) and spent some fun time relaxing with friends. It’s been hectic and busy, but we’ve had a very nice time.  I made up for it with a 3 hour nap after presents this morning!  

Matt came to spend the weekend with us.  I was so worried when he moved into his own apartment, but we’ve adjusted better than I expected and it seems like he’s around here almost as much as before.  Of course, I still haven’t seen his apartment since we moved him in.  Might be kind of scary by now!  

This year, it looks like I’ll be taking up a couple of new hobbies – my friend and I are going to take a jewelry making class, and I got a watercoloring book for Christmas.  Actually, I bought it for myself at the Book Fair.  I could hear my Mom whispering in my ear.  She had always wanted me to try my hand at watercoloring.  (Now I just need to buy skatey-eight dollars worth of supplies to be able to try it.  Kind of makes me sad that I spent three months selling off a whole room full of these same supplies that had belonged to her.) 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your own family and friends.  Merry Christmas from the Crazy House!  


  1. My mom had that same kleenex cover – cool memory. Loved your fave decorations – and how you did the slide show – cool! I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff then kicking yourself later – I did the same thing with my gram’s silver – grrr – I’m still kicking myself. Live and learn! Visiting from SITS.

  2. I love the kleenex cover.

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