Law of Attraction – An Attitude of Gratitude

If you’ve known me for a while, you probably know that I am a big fan of The Secret and the Law of Attraction.  I have both the movie and the audio tape and I listen to them frequently, especially when things aren’t going the way I would like.  

Over the years, I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with it.  There are several posts on my blog about it.  Like the last time I needed a car and I found something worth $50,000 sitting in my closet, or when we got a basically free cruise for our 25th anniversary, or even how I manage to avoid colds & flu, etc without bothering with all the anti-germ stuff everyone else fusses over. 

I think what you’ve had some of these experiences like I have, I guess it makes it more believable for you.  That’s why I share this kind of stuff with you, because I hope it will help you in your own life.  

Now, I have had something else amazing happen.  My husband bought this nice car this week and was able to pay cash for it, basically with money that just fell out of the sky.   

I told you that he had an accident a couple of weeks ago.  However, rather than a big stress on us, it turned into a blessing.  He wasn’t especially hurt, or even particularly shaken up, and we had already been planning to trade in his truck because it had about 180,000 miles on it and we were getting nervous that it would start needing major repairs.  

So, we ended up getting about double the amount we would have received for it as a trade-in.  So, the timing on it was really amazing, and when you look at what happened to his truck, the fact that he wasn’t seriously injured is doubly amazing!  

But the really amazing thing happened about a month before the accident.  I had an Email from our Mortgage Advisor that we had done a couple of home refi’s with.  She said that the rate had briefly dipped to an unbelievable low and did we want to do another refi?  I sent back a one word answer – YES!  This refi allowed us to take some money out of our home equity to replace Tony’s truck.  

I asked the guy when we were closing our loan if he had seen anyone come through with a rate as low as ours and he said he hadn’t seen a rate that low in many years!  Between the two things, we had just exactly enough money to pay for the car, the taxes & fees, plus a one year warranty.  Short of winning a car in a lottery, I just don’t see how the universe could have lined things up any better.  

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the way this has turned out.  I’ve been stressing out about this over the last couple of months.  My van is getting kind of over-the-hill also, so I was terrified that we could have literally ended up with two car payments at once, along with all our other bills, and that could have been financial disaster for us!  

So I’ve been working like a little squirrel lately trying to work out debt snowball from every angle to get us into a position where we would be able to afford one or possibly two car payments when the day came that we had to replace the cars.  Now, we don’t have to have a car payment at all.  That to me, is just amazing and such a blessing for us!

So, I think it is important to sit back and just have a moment of gratitude that we received this wonderful gift, all tied up with a bow.  They always say that what you give, you receive tenfold.  We are big into charitable work and support several worthwhile charities.  We give money when we can, but also time, energy, expertise, clothing, household goods, blood, food, and even our kids’ time and energy.  

While I can’t prove it, I hope that this car is an expression of all these things coming back to us.  You know the old saying – what goes around, comes around, and hopefully when you put good things out into the world, they come back to you like this.  At least, that’s the view of the world I try to envision. 

Have you ever had an experience like this?  I’ll bet you have, but you’ve written it off as a “coincidence”.  How can you look at experiences like this in a different way?

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