Messy House – Caught with my Pants Down!

Well, it finally happened, the ultimate embarrassment. My Super-Cleanie sister happened to drop in on a day when my house was looking like a total train wreck! Ugh. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It is SO humiliating! You just want to crawl right under the couch and eat dust bunnies.

I know you’re thinking that I am the last person who should let myself be placed in a situation like that. After all, I teach this stuff and I write posts all the time about cleaning and organization.

But, we all have busy weeks, and get distracted with other stuff and start drifting out of our normal routines. And even though I’ve learned a lot about organizing and developed a lot of new habits, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a little backslide once in a while.

And my sister, of all people – sheesh! These are pictures of my sister’s house. As you can see it is gorgeous and it looks like this 24 X 7.

I always go into hyperdrive when I know she is coming over because I can’t stand the thought of her seeing my house in less than perfect condition. And believe me, today it was in much less than perfect condition!

We had just redecorated the kitchen last night and were too tired to finish it up, so there were boxes and plastic wrap and styrofoam all over, in addition to the pictures we had taken down.

We’d run out of kitty litter and the cat box was in a very sorry state, and naturally her grandkids were begging to come in and visit the kitties. Even my normally clean entryway was all cluttered with my Easter decorations that I was in the process of putting up.

And of course, my husband had to bring her into the very messy kitchen to show off our new dining room chairs and new decor, and then take her down to the cluttered basement to show her the new paint job. Man, I so need to re-train that guy!

Oh well, what can you do? It is what it is. You can’t get a do-over on that one. And stumbling around mumbling excuses and trying to shove stuff out of the way just makes it worse. You just have to stand up and deal with the whole humiliating situation as best you can.

After she left, I was tempted to get mad and blame my family, but it’s not their fault. Yes, some of the mess was their fault, but I’m the Mom and I’m the one who sets the tone for keeping the house clean (or not!).

So, I didn’t get mad, but I did get busy and so did the rest of the family. And you know, with all four of us working, we had the house back under control in just about 30 minutes.

Hopefully, next time we’ll think to do the 30 minute clean-up BEFORE my darn sister comes over rather than AFTER!


  1. I thnk its ok to have a little clutter once and awhile! After all, its your house, not an art museum! 🙂

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  2. I so know this. I have to do the same thing when my mom comes over. Totally sucks.

  3. I am glad my sister is not a neat freak, but my mom is! I am working on not freaking out when people come over, lol!

  4. Today was a day I wanted someone to stop by…just so I can look like the OCD one. 🙂 How funny! I’m so glad I stopped by, this really cheered me up. Visiting from SITS. Have a happy Tuesday and come by sometime and visit me.


  5. Arg! I used to have a neat-freak-great-taste-impeccable-style friend who would show up when I and my house was looking like white trash without class!!!! I hate that!

    (I love your clutterbug series even though I don’t usually come and comment!!!)

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