Matt’s BIG Birthday

Well, our boy is finally legal! On Friday, Matt turned 21 and we took him to Wendover (a low budget Vegas that’s about an hour a way) to let him celebrate his legality in style. I made a few cracks about his first taste of mild debauchery in the company of his parents, but what can you do? He didn’t have any friends who were 21 who didn’t have to work and it was a nice night out for us. Matt’s not really a big party kid, so I figured he could let lose a little bit and he would be safe because he wouldn’t be driving anywhere.

Blake was hanging out with one of his buddies from Scouts and his family, since they were having a visit to the Planetarium in the AM. We thought that was nice of them to keep him for us since our original plan fell through at the last minute. Our other friends who were going to take him had a death in the family, so these nice friends stepped up for us.

So we met up with these guys – my cute niece Kate and her husband Eric. Kate does my hair and keeps me looking nice. We had a couple of discounted rooms and a free buffet at the Montego Bay, so we all hung out there. We all got slot cards together so they could track our millions of dollars in gambling outlays – ha!

Here’s our room – pretty nice, though we had to go through about 3 miles of hallway to get to it. This is Matt on the morning after….

I particularly like the big fake palm tree! At least our room was blue. Kate & Eric’s was a particularly nasty shade of purple – ew!

The buffet was very nice and Matt got to order his first legal beer to go with his dinner. Then we hit the casino. Penny slots were a big draw for everyone but Tony. He disappeared for a couple of hours and we later found out he’d been playing at the blackjack table. He didn’t win, but he played for quite a while on $20.

I knew it was going to be a lucky day for me when I got this fortune in my fortune cookie at lunch:

With a fortune like that, I was thinking I’d need a wheelbarrow to carry home my winnings! However, I had my usual luck. Although I did manage to play the same machine for about two hours on five bucks! In my world, that counts as both lucky and memorable.

Matt, however, had beginner’s luck. He won about $300 on a penny machine! So I guess I was supposed to give the fortune cookie to him. I was so happy for him. He’d had a rough week and he needed a good break.

He took it home and bought a new X-Box unit with it so Blake could have his old one if he ever moves out. I was just pleased that he had enough sense to cash out when he was ahead. So many gamblers never learn that lesson.

Tony and I gave it up about 1:00 and went to bed, but the Matt, Kate & Eric hung around playing some more – Kate & Eric won some money too. Matt had a couple more beers and then Kate bought him a shot or two, so this is what Matt looked like the next morning:

Actually, that was just a bad picture. He was just fine the next morning. I was the one who was tired. They all went to breakfast after they finished up at the casino and Kate accidentally “butt-dialed” me at about 2:00 in the morning. I picked up the phone and just heard them laughing and talking over breakfast, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep.

All in all, I think it was a good weekend for everyone. Happy birthday son!


  1. Nice fortune! And it does look like you should have given it to Matt. šŸ˜‰ That’s cool! Happy birthday to him!

  2. HA! – Butt-dialing. Haven’t heard that one in a while. And 2 hours on 5 bucks is AWESOME!

  3. Perfect fortuen! Happy Bday Matt!

    (I left you a little surprise on my lil ol blog)

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy! I remember 21 like it was yesterday! finally being legal….was awesome! Congrats to his winnings!

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