Vote for the Best Post of 2009

OK friends, I totally need your help. They are having a special event tomorrow over at the SITSgirls place (The Secret is in the Sauce) if you don’t know what it is, click over and find out – you’re in for a treat. Anyway, they are having a Best of 2009 event where you are supposed to post your BEST post for 2009.

Yeah, I know. You have to pick just ONE post out of the whole year to represent your blog. Question is, which one do I pick? That’s where I need help. I’m asking my readers to help me pick out which one is my very best post this year. I’ve picked out six of them that I think are contenders. Actually, it’s a little sad that I only found six that I thought were particularly worthwhile. Note to self – start posting a little more content and fewer jokes that people send to your E-mail!

Anyway, here are the contenders. Take a peek and then come back here and tell me which one you think is THE ONE!

Letter to a Younger Me

Silly Summer Kid Fun
What I am Most Proud of
Helping with the United Way
Conversations with a Cat
My New Computer Technician

Thanks for helping out, dear friends. I’ll let you know tomorrow which one is the winner!


  1. My vote is Letter to a Younger Me.

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