SITScation Event – I can’t wait

Some of you have wondered what this little pink button is on my sidebar. It’s been there for such a long time, you’ve probably tuned it out. One of the most popular blogs out there in the blogworld is The Secret is in the Sauce or the SITS girls. Their blog is all about bringing bloggers together. Every day of the week, they pick out a special blog to feature and then they send hundreds of their followers over there to visit them. I had my special day on the day before Christmas and I got more than 100 comments that day. It was a great Christmas present for my blog!

Then on the weekends, they do all sorts of special stuff like sponsoring contests and featuring “Mom-preneurs” who have home made stuff to sell. It’s just just a great way for women to connect with each other. (Yeah, it’s mostly women, although you do find the occasional guy lurking around there.)

Now they are taking it a step further with an in-person event called SITScation. This weekend (yes, I can hardly believe it’s finally here!), they will be bringing together 200 of their most enthusiastic ladies for a fabulous event in Las Vegas! Yes, Las Vegas, where we will be staying at fabulous suites at the Venetian. There will be some fabulous speakers from some of the top bloggers, a great party with some awesome swag bags, and just lots of networking and getting to know ladies from all around the country.

Matt is graduating from his medical program this week, so I decided to go ahead and bring him along for something of a graduation present. It’s kind of a shame that he doesn’t turn 21 for another 3 months, but even if he can’t drink or gamble, I figure he’ll have a good time hanging out at the hotel or bumming around seeing the sites while I’m doing my thing. And besides it will be nice to have someone to help with the driving. Neither one of us has ever driven more than 100 miles by ourselves, so that should be a bit of an adventure. Tony usually does all the driving on our trips, while the rest of us sleep!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m taking my son instead of my husband, but little kids aren’t invited and we didn’t have anyone else to watch Blake, so Tony gets to do the Mister Dad thing for a change. I figure with 200 women, I can’t get into too much trouble.

Naturally with a big bunch of women, the big issue is what to wear. I’ve been trying on different outfits, shoes, jewelry, etc trying to find just the right look, especially for the big dressy party on Friday night. I think I’ve found some good outfits, but I don’t want to jinx it by taking pictures because I know if I see picture of myself in them, I won’t like them any more. Like anyone, it’s easy to get all self-conscious and critical of yourself, especially when you’re meeting a bunch of new people.

But I know I’m going to have a great time. I always meet a new group of ladies every year for the Stampin’ Up! Convention and I always have a blast then, so I’m sure this will be a very memorable weekend. I’ll be bringing my laptop and camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to post live updates on the fly. Maybe my husband will even read my blog – for once! Just to see what mischief I’m getting up to!

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  1. too fun!!!!

    thanks for visiting me on my SITS day and talking survivor with me. you liking that russell?

  2. We are going to have SO much fun- and if it make it an easier to swallow, there are only 85 bloggers- yep, small and intimate, that’s how we want it!

  3. Don’t even worry about what to wear! We are going to have a FAB time!

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