Update on Dancing/Idol Results shows

Seriously??? Lil Kim is going home while Ty is going to the finals? Are you kidding me? Is he getting the rodeo/Nascar vote out or something? Something is definitely fishy. I didn’t much like Miss Plastic Face, but she was a great dancer and he is seriously horrible. You could tell even Ty felt terrible about it. He knows he doesn’t deserve to be there, so it’s got to be really awkward for him. Poor Kim, I don’t think she deserved that.

I’m just now getting around to watching the Idol vote-off show. I think I have a love/hate relationship with my Tivo. I like not having to plan my life around my favorite shows, but I hate it that I usually don’t get to watch the shows in “real time”. It drives me crazy when I hear the results before I get to watch the show.

I loved Paula’s number, that was really spectacular. She’s so strange, I forget how talented she really is. I tried to watch her reality show – twice. I couldn’t stand all the griping and crying and had to stop watching it. She is Drama Queen with capital letters!

PS: Why does Gwen Stefani look like a guy? She is totally gorgeous and I couldn’t even recognize her when she came out in those baggy pants and wife beater t-shirt. And who was that weird robotic black guy in the white suit dancing in the background? Her whole group is really strange looking. Love the guy with the tutu and the bleached mohawk. Just the guy you want your daughter to date!

Now Chris Daughtry, he has really matured and come into his own. I think he’s one of the few former Idols who has really lived up to his potential.

Oh my gosh, here we go again. Chris is staying and Alison is going home? Seriously? That is just wrong. I just do not get the way people vote. He’s such a nothing while she is just dynamite. I think this is what drives me crazy about these contest shows. I think I’m out of step with the rest of America. At least 64 million of them!

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