Visit to the Capitol

We have lived in Utah for 18 years and I have been in and out of this state literally all my life. Yet in all this time, none of us had ever made a visit to the state Capitol building. So on Monday, I thought it was about darn time. We had a very nice time and enjoyed the free tour.

Here are the boys goofing around in a very pretty hand-painted wall safe. I expected a guard to come and toss us out at any moment, but they were having such a great time, I couldn’t bear to stop them and they were being pretty careful.  These two are always messing with each other – it’s like a trademark in our family.  

It’s really beautiful in there with lots of marble, gilt leaves, fancy curliques and pretty sculptures.

We even got to see the chambers where the House and Senate meet. I was really annoyed to find out that they only meet for 45 days a year – sheesh! No wonder it takes forever to get anything done! If I were in charge, I’d make them meet for at least 3 days a week year round. And then I’d abolish that damned filibuster concept. When you meet for such a short time every year, it’s absurd to waste large chunks of time like that.

Before this last election, I never had any interest in politics. Now I’m finding it really interesting. Aggravating as hell, but very interesting!

Here is my charming son trying to climb up on one of the lions outside the building, or he’s trying to throw himself over that railing. One or the other.

So much for our wonderful historic tour of the day! Hope you enjoyed it. Hope it doesn’t take me another 18 years to make a visit like this.

Interesting facts (from the little bookmark we bought at the gift shop)

Built in 1912-1915, re-built in 2008.

256 base stabilizers were added for earthquake protection. Each weighs 5,000 lbs & cost about a million dollars each.

Height 235 feet above ground

Surrounded by over 500 Yoshino cherry trees


  1. Wonderful photos…especially those ones of your ‘boys’ goofing around.

    Don’t you just love it when they do that too you !!! :-)

    Beautiful building..

  2. Oh yes Carol, they use it for tons of other stuff. The Governor’s office is there, it’s part of the main office complex for all the state offices, plus the Supreme Court meets there and they have all sorts of state dinners and other functions there, so it does get quite a bit of use.

    I was kind of surprised by the lack of security though. We just walked right into the Governor’s office and took a look around. No metal detectors or guards or anything. Just a secretary – though maybe she was trained in hand-to-hand combat? Maybe it’s different when he’s in residence, but it makes you wonder.

  3. Thanks for taking me inside the Capitol building! It’s beautiful.

    Love the stamp set that you donated to the SITS auction too!

  4. Cat – they just needed to do some sprucing up and modernizing of the building. Plus we are really near an earthquake fault, so they needed to add some stablizers to protect the building in case of an earthquake. But what was funny was that they wrapped the whole outside of the dome in plastic to protect it. It already looks a bit like a penis anyway. Now it looked like a penis with a condom on it – for months! Gave the whole city a good laugh anyway.

  5. Really beautiful building. Now I am from South Africa so I am wondering what happened to it that they re-build it?

  6. Yall have a beautiful capital building. We really need to go to ours…it’s been a while.

  7. I think I’ve been their once in my 27 years of living in Utah (ALL MY LIFE)!

    So thanks for the tour!

    Oh, and I totally remember your son from the My Chemical Romance concert! I think he was the one that pick pocketed me!

    Tell him he owes me.

  8. why yes i am, thank you.

    interesting that they spent so much money on it and only use it for a month and a half a year.

    do they use it for other functions at all?

    i love your posts adrian!!!


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