My April Fool’s Day

I am so bummed. I SO wanted to do something fabulous for April Fool’s Day today, but I just could not think of anything funny to do. I did think of one somewhat lame joke to do, but it was kind of a bad-Mommy thing to do.

My April Fool’s joke involved Clocky.

As you can see, Clocky is an alarm clock – with wheels. If you don’t get up and shut Clocky off the first time the alarm goes off, what does Clocky do? Well, he jumps down off of your dresser and starts running around your room beeping loudly all the time. Isn’t that just wild? So there you are stumbling around in the dark, half awake trying to catch your alarm clock so you can put it out of it’s misery.

So last night, Blake and I snuck into Matt’s room while he was at work and we set Clocky for 3:00 AM! It was kind of mean, but funny. I just wish I’d been awake to hear all the mayhem. He didn’t even realize it was an April Fool’s joke until we asked him about it this morning. He thought he’d just set it to the wrong time.

That’s OK, I helped him plot revenge. Clocky is now sitting underneath Blake’s bed. He should be going off in about an hour. After all, it’s still April Fool’s Day until midnight!

Update: Well, the alarm just went off. It was beeping and running around like crazy under the bed. Scared the heck out of the cat. But Blake – he just slept right through it. Didn’t even turn over. Man, that kid is a sound sleeper! But I’ll bet he was having some very strange dreams.  And the next night – guess who got a 3:00 AM visit from Clocky.  Darn boys – they thought it was hilarious!  

PS: I just thought of a really nasty office joke I’d heard about but never got a chance to try. Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to try this one -Wait until your co-worker gets up from their desk after typing a really long document of some kind. Save the document (important!) and then use search and replace to remove ALL the spaces. Thiswillturntheentiredocumentintoonebiglongword! Completely unrecoverable. The only way to fix it is to go through line by line and replace the spaces. That’s why you save it (if you’re nice!). April Fool’s!


  1. whoever came up with the clocky was smart. my hubby was going to get me one of those because he said i hit snooze too often. he never did get it though… :)

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