Dining Room Redo

After two years in this house, I decided I wasn’t really happy with the decor in my dining room. I had a collection of rustic checkerboards on the walls and I was kind of tired of them. So I decided to make a pilgrimage to our local Tai-Pan Trading store and see what I could figure out. They have a great selection of imports and some pretty good prices, so I set a budget of $50 and figured that would about do it. Silly me. I think I spent that in about the first 10 minutes, but I did get some bargains and I found some really lovely things.

So here Kitchen Redo (3)is a tour of my lovely new dining room. Here is the new vinyl lettering I put above my main window. As you can see, I love words so I have lots of word things around my house. This lettering package was one of my finds from the Scrapbook Expo where they were selling them for $2.50 a piece – normally, they run about $20, so I scooped up several and I’m in the process of finding spots for all of them.

Kitchen Redo (2)







Next is my new clock from Tai Pan and another sign that I got from the Scrapbook Expo. It says Believe in a pretty glass frame. I liked this shade of red and I managed to find several other items that coordinated perfectly with it.

Kitchen Redo (1)

This is my favorite part of the new decorations. I just love this shelf, but it’s metal and it was terribly heavy, so my husband had to get special screws to get it mounted properly on the wall. I just love these little bird houses and I think they go perfectly with the block letters. I found the little Home Sweet Home sign in a different part of the store and I think it ties in very nicely with the pastel colors and the bird houses above. I love it when a plan comes together!

This Kitchen Redo (7)grouping was already in place. I toyed with changing it a bit, but I decided to leave it as is, just because I like it so much. I love the smart-ass sign – “Never put off til tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow” because it fits me to a T! The message board has all sorts of pictures of the boys and the little sign below is one that my mother gave us. It has some kind of saying that if you mess it up, clean it up, you break it, you fix it, etc.

I found this great picture frame at Tai Pan with exactly this picture in mind. It’s my favorite picture of Ryan and the grandkids. I call it his Superdad picture. And I love this plaque beneath it. I’ve had it for years and I think it’s hilarious! Of course it made more sense when we actually had a dog, but I’m sure we’ll get around to fixing that situation some day soon…

Next are some of my chickens. I added these in honor of my mother. She loved chickens and had them tucked in all over her house and I never see one that I don’t think of her. The stained glass chicken used to hang in her kitchen. And I found this fabulous red chicken hook to hang it on. The picture with the stars was from my stamping friend Brenda Weaver. I got it in a swap at Convention last year. The colors match the rest of the decor almost perfectly.

This Belle Jardiniere tray was another one of my better finds and a barKitchen Redo (5)gain too. I think it’s so pretty. The other wooden tray with the heart-shaped handles is one I painted for my mother, probably 20 years ago back in my tole painting days. I think they go together so nicely.

More chickens naturally. We actually got this baker’s rack from our church garage sale – a bargain hunter’s paradise! I love it, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the top racks. Originally the wicker baskets were on the top row and I had mail and other clutter in them. I didn’t like that, so I emptied them and moved them down a row and I found these two fat, sassy roosters to put on top. There are even hints of that great red color again to tie them in with the rest. I still need to put a little something in the baskets – any ideas?Kitchen Redo (6)

I found that silver G in the bargain basket marked at 75% off. I was toying with the idea of hanging it with a pretty ribbon from one of the hooks, but I kind of like it on the TV. The picture was one my daughter-in-law did of the grandkids. I think it was very clever to shoot the picture like that with the focus on the eyes.

The finishing touch is my mother’s hand-painted tile table. She just loved this table and I do too. We keep it covered with a piece of Lexan to protect the tiles, but I love the vibrant colors of it. However, the chairs were a different story. The had definitely seen better days. Her dog had chewed on some of the legs and two of them were badly cracked, so we splurged some more on a set of brand new chairs to match. They aren’t quite as comfortable, but they are a perfect match to the table and I think the new silk flower arrangement adds just the final touch it needed.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed your little visit to my new and improved dining room!


  1. nice work!

  2. Very nice !!!

    I really like the tiles on the table…

  3. I love the vinyl letters… I have a bunch all around my house :)

  4. It looks great!!

  5. What a beautiful makeover. I really love the closeup shots of your grandchildren. I have taken those kinds of shots of my kids over the years. Very cool!

  6. Great work girl.

  7. How lovely! I love the little quote – are they decals?

  8. Very nice! I’ve been wanting to make a few wooden plaques for my house but just haven’t gotten around to it.

    Okay, so I just came up with the idea after reading your post! I can still tell my husband it was my idea right? Unless he hates them, then I’ll blame it on you.


  9. I absolutely love it. You and I have very similar tastes. I especially love the hand-painted tile table; what an amazing treasure. LOVE the lettering in the first picture, and the LAUGH blocks on the shelf.

  10. Looks lovely! Very homey =)

    I gave you an award by the way, do drop by my blog sometime.

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