The Scents of Twilight

Went to the Scrapbook Expo this weekend. Usually I go all nuts and buy tons of stuff, but this time I was pretty good. I got a couple of nice framed pictures for my kitchen, a scrapbook album, some page kits, and some vinyl words for my walls. But I did find something really fabulous! I found a little booth that was selling perfumes that are based on the Twilight books. Pretty original, I thought since those books are such a hit.

And yum! I’m truly not a big perfume girl, but I loved these. Alright, I didn’t like the Jacob scent one bit, but I went nuts for Edward, Bella, and Alice. Especially Edward – oh my gosh, if that’s what he smelled like, I’d be hooked on him too. It’s described as honey, lilac, and sun and it even has a little bit of a shimmer to it, so you’ll shine in the sun, just like a vampire!

They offer free samples, so pop over there and check it out – I’m not working for them or anything, though I wish I was. Actually, I wish I’d thought of it first! Feel free to mention my name – maybe they’ll send me some freebies.


  1. What a brilliant idea!

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