My Fabulous Christmas Decor

I do love to decorate for Christmas and I have a lot of special ornaments and decorations that I like to put out for my family to enjoy every year. Tip Junkie is having a Mister Linky post, so I thought I’d participate and share all my pretty holiday decorations.

This will be a long post because I have a lot of cool stuff I want to share with you. We aren’t having anyone over for Christmas particularly, so you are likely to be the only ones who get to see it – lucky stiffs!

Let’s start with the tree. I’m very particular about my tree. I like things to be color coordinated and have something of a theme. Our tree used to be this gorgeous pale blue, silver and white masterpiece, but I finally got tired of that theme after a few years, so now we do the red and white thing with a snowman theme. Some of the decorations have been part of our lives for more than 20 years and a lot of them are hand made. Take a peek!

This shelf has several of my most special pieces. That stocking – I made it with my own two hands, stitch by stitch and it took me TWO YEARS! I’m going to have to put it up every Christmas for the rest of my life to feel like I’m getting the full value out of all that work. Sorry you can’t see the top of it, it’s even got my name on it.

Those teddy bear ornaments and that clown up towards the top are from my tole painting period. I just love them and I wish I could keep them out all year, so I’m always happy to see them. And I love my little Santa bears and my polar bear. If you look very carefully, you will see a tiny kid on a sled. This is probably my most precious decoration.

This was a gift from my sister’s sister Betty, who passed away from cancer about 8 years ago and it’s the only thing I have to remember her by. Yes, I did say my sister’s sister. She was my half-sister’s half sister, so she actually wasn’t any relation to me, but she was sweet and wonderful and we all loved her. Due to some circumstances in our family, we never knew she even existed until a year or two before her death, but we are all so glad that we did have the experience of getting to know her. Inside this special ornament is a tiny little set of red mittens that just tickles me to death.

This are three of several nativity sets we have. My mom used to collect them and I’ve carried on the tradition. I think we have at least five of them located around the house to remind us of the “reason for the season”. I love the little frosted glass set on the middle shelf because it isn’t terribly delicate and I used to let the kids play with it to experience the story for themselves. I remember Matt talking about Mary and Jophus and baby Jesus (remember his middle name is Joseph and that is how he used to pronounce it). I wish you could see the one on the top shelf a little better. It’s beautiful spun glass under a clear glass dome – very pretty!

Here is our main nativity set. Surprisingly enough, I bought this one at the Dollar Store. It’s absolutely beautiful – white porcelain with gold accents and each piece was a dollar. It’s not the kind of thing you usually find at the Dollar Store. I think it’s cool that someone wanted people who didn’t have a lot of money to have something beautiful for Christmas and I keep it to remind myself of the goodness of people.

Here’s some of my home-made goodies. I used to do a lot of needlepoint, tole painting and other crafts. I gave away a lot of my projects as gifts, but I did manage to keep a few.

Do you like my Christmas kitties. No, I didn’t make them, but they’re sure cute. And there is my Murano Christmas Tree that my mother gave me. I’m a little nervous about having it out with the terrible twosome (our kittens) around, but I got tired of leaving it in the box year after year. But I did paint the holly heart-shaped napkin holder.

I shared about my special little mailboxes in another post – The Great Christmas Hunt. Click here to read more about it.

And lastly here is my outside wreath. I took this picture at night so you can’t see it very well. It’s much prettier in the daylight. These are my favorite Christmas colors of pale blue, silver and white. In the center is a sign that says “Be Naughty – Save Santa a Trip”. Cracks me up!

Hey, at least I’m not like my mother-in-law. Her house was like “Christmas barfed”. Rugs, curtains, placemats, decorations on EVERY available surface. Wish I’d thought to get some pictures.


  1. Your decorations are beautiful!

  2. and a Meowy Christmas to you too! I love that kitty kat decoration.

  3. Those are great, and great memories of family, I can tell. The stocking? Is amazing.

  4. Sweet, sweet. Those mailboxes made me tear up, though. My mother made those to give as Christmas presents to her office staff. They contained a little Hersey’s kiss and a coupon for 1 hour of extra lunch time or 1 hour of early off time. They loved it. And her. Thanks so much for bringing back that long forgotten memory. Merry Christmas!

    Damama T’s Christmas Crazy, too!

  5. I love when the decorations have a story.

    And your comment that your mother-in-law’s house was like Christmas barfed made me laugh out loud.


  6. cute decs adrian.

    you are the only one stopping yourself from keeping those you like all year round. i have several decs that i like out year round. it’s your house, do what you want silly!!!

    xoxoxo ~ carol.

  7. I love this post and the explanation of why some of your ornaments & keepsakes mean so much to you. I have some very special ornaments too and I love getting them out every year, I’d love to do a post like this! My tree theme used to be Coca-Cola but this year, I’m getting rid of most of that, and I’ve done a purple and silver theme. I love it! And of course, there are all of the kids’ handmade ornaments. They’re the best!

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