Mommy’s Little Cereal Killer

I keep seeing everyone’s cute Halloween pictures so I figured it was time to post mine. We weren’t feeling too original this year, so Blake went in his costume from last year – a Cereal Killer! I just love this costume. It was super easy, but it gets a lot of laughs. I just took some of those little mini cereal boxes, sewed them onto an existing costume, stabbed them with plastic knives and added a little fake “blood” on them.

Here’s some of my favorite decorations. This is one of my new Skel-a-mingos. Funny, isn’t it? It’s just like a pink flamingo without the pink! See, I even gave him a big blingy necklace. His name – Pinky, of course!

My Turkey Pumpkin is always my favorite decoration. I bought this years ago at a craft boutique and work and I think it’s just darling. It’s made from painted wood and the pieces are on stakes so you just pick out the right shaped pumpkin and poke them in for an instant turkey!

These are some decorations from back in my tole painting days. I haven’t painted anything in years, but I like to pull these out every year.

We tried a new method of pumpkin carving this year. This is called surface carving. I like it because it’s much easier, plus it isn’t as goopy as traditional carving where you have to deal with all the “pumpkin guts” – ew! You can’t really see it, but they are painted with a special glow in the dark paint to make them show up better.

Here’s my skull garland, my pumpkin lights and my scarecrow hat that my friend Cassie made for me. I love Halloween! I think it’s our favorite holday next to Christmas.


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  1. Those are real cute decors =)

    Halloween isn’t as grand over here as it it is out there =(

  2. Your carved pumpkins are FAB!

  3. love your pumpkins and decs adrian!!! where on earth did you get that flamingo? i need one for a friend of mine. her stamp mascot is the pink flamingo.

    xox ~ carol.

    ps. get your feeds every day, just don’t always comment. 🙂

  4. We did the cereal killer costume for my husband a couple of years back. It was a huge hit!
    I LOVE the flamingo! So cute.

  5. I absolutely love the cereal killer costume. Perfect! 🙂

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