Open Letter to Blogspot

Dear Blogspot,

Would you please stop STEALING my spaces and paragraph breaks! You have to understand that I am particularly compulsive about my data. I once re-did an entire 60 page document because the author had only put ONE space after her periods and there MUST be two! I don’t know why – it’s a compulsion, it’s not supposed to make sense!

As I am typing this, I am using all the appropriate punctuation and spacing. Two spaces after each period and two returns after each paragraph. However, I know the moment I digitally turn my back on you, HALF of these spaces will magically disappear in the mere blink of an eye.

Is there some kind of a space shortage that we don’t know about? Are there not enough spaces and paragraph marks for all? Is this a cost-cutting measure? Are you donating my confiscated spaces to some impoverished African nation? I don’t care. I want them back! I paid for them and they are MINE! 

Well, Blogspot is free, so I guess I didn’t really pay for them, but they’re technically just air anyway, so I shouldn’t have to pay for them anyway. I believe AIR is still the one free thing in these United States. At least until Congress gets ahold of it. (I almost said “gets wind of it”, but that was just too punny!)

However, I do have a little secret weapon. You see, unlike the average computer user, I have a secret knowledge of HTML code. I know that if I remember to go back and put a little bit of top secret HTML code in, I can at least salvage my paragraph breaks. I still haven’t figured out the secret for saving my spaces, but don’t worry, I will. I have a team of NASA scientists working on it…..


  1. Yah, what IS their deal with paragraph breaks..? I end up doing my document somewhere else and then copying it to get it JUST THE WAY I WANT IT. Geez..I didn’t know it would be this hard

  2. I think they’ve been stealing your spaces and hiding them over at my blog! I’ll put in the appropriate number of spaces, and when I turn my back, there are magically about 4 lines in between paragraphs instead of the 1 that I put in!

  3. Just as a public service, the “secret” code that I use to make paragraphs happen when I want them is something that looks like this:

    (p) – only you use the pointy brackets that are above the period and comma. (I can’t type it here or it will just give me a paragraph break.) Just put that little baby everywhere you want a paragraph break and Blogger will bow to your will – bwwwwhahhahha!

  4. wish Blogger will have page feature like WP then Id say AMEN!

  5. ahhhhhhhhh omg i so feel your pain i hate when blogger does this!!! grrr

  6. I use wordpress, so I am in the dark about this paragraph thingy…. :)

  7. Haha. Love it!

  8. OMW! This drives me crazy. I work so hard to get it all just right and then blogger does something nuts. Wish I knew your secret!

    I am new to this. Nice to meet cha!

  9. LOL. I KNOW! It drives me nuts. And I know nothing about HTML code so I have to sit here and feel victimized. (Just kidding).

  10. wow, i thought it was something i did. glad to hear i’m not going totally nuts. haha.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with paragraph breaks, but spaces…that drives me crazy!!

  12. So it’s basically just a p for paragraph surrounded by those bracket thingies.

  13. The reason I didn’t include is that I’m not sure if I can get it to show up. Whenever a program like blogspot sees code like this, it just considers it an instruction rather than text, but let’s see what it does if I surround it with quotes. Here’s the code you would use minus the quotes and spaces “< p >”.

  14. Hear, hear. This has been a bane in my existence. Care to share the secret weapon for salvaging paragraph breaks?

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