Make & Take Projects from the Stampin’ Up! Convention

I have been a busy bunny since I got back from Convention. First of all, it took me hours to even excavate the kitchen – ew! You do the math – three guys and three cats left alone in the house for four days equals one very messy house!

Then I had to catch up on four days worth of E-mails and do some prep work for my fourth Messy Mom’s session which is tomorrow night. I haven’t even had a chance to even glance at the swaps I received at Convention or post the rest of the pictures I’ve got on hand. And then tonight I got together with some of my friends for a post-Convention Diva dinner to rehash Convention and talk about some of our future events. We didn’t get much time to just visit during the week, so it was nice to just sit and relax and have a nice chat. 

Here are some of the projects they gave us for the Make & Take sessions. I was lucky enough to get some of them made for me by Artisan Award winner Brenda Weaver. She was one of our Divas and since she didn’t have her M&T packet with her, I decided to ask her to help me with some of my projects. I’m not a fast stamper and I rarely get all the projects done in the time allotted. Then she ended up leaving her packet in my car, so I’m going to mail it to her this week so she can complete her own projects.

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