Divas, Divas, Divas!

I think the best part of any Convention is the time I get to spend with my fellow demonstrators. Our demonstrators are just about the nicest ladies around and I think our Utah Divas are just the best of the best. We brought in ladies from all over the country as well as the local crew and it was really neat to get to meet all these ladies we’ve been hanging out with in our on-line group.

I really think I am happiest when I am with a fun group of friends like this. There’s just nothing like relaxing with your girlfriends whether you’re stamping, eating, or just talking with them. I wish we’d gotten more pictures of the whole group, but I did get some shots here and there. Above is the one group shot we managed to get. As you can see, it’s was a big group and believe it or not, this isn’t even all of us. There were another half dozen or so who weren’t around for the picture.

I think we had 35 of us, including our first ever “Diva Dude”! Here’s Michael holding up our banner for us. He and his wife Kelly run a Stampin’ Up! business in Colorado and he was just as gung-ho about it as she was. It was really heart-warming to see such a supportive husband – they are quite the rarity!

No, Michael doesn’t have two wives, although that works sometimes in Utah! The lady in purple is my good friend Pat. Pat had a very rough convention. During the opening session, she had a phone call that her 92 year old Mother-in-law had passed away. It was doubly hard because she had just lost her elderly father about six weeks ago, but her family encouraged her to stay at the Convention and she managed to have a good time despite her losses.

This is our Queen Diva Max, getting her award for her recruitment promotions. Several of us got rewards in several different categories, but this was the only decent picture I got.

Here’s the crew hanging around at the “Diva House” for our BBQ last night. We had over 20 women staying there, which was a little crazy, but a lot of fun. Some people actually managed to get a little sleep (and even a shower!) Let’s see if I can get all the names right.

This is Sara, Carol M, Max and Ruthie.

Hmm. Looks like Jean, Terry, Ursula, Charmaine, Janine and I can’t see who’s on the far side of Janine. Might be her sister Jen.

Here’s Sue, Christy, and Sara. This was a nice house. It had wi-fi, a hot tub, two living rooms, 3 bathrooms, and a whole lot of bedrooms. But with that many people in it, it was just a little bit cramped.

Kicking back with Jen, Linda, Christine (we also have a Kristine, but she wasn’t there) and Pat.

We also had another dinner and 3D swap tonight at the Spaghetti Factory (yum!) and the other night we were at the Blue Iguana for Mexican food and our 1st 3D swap. Boy do we know how to eat or what??? When I get a minute, I’ll post some of the 3D projects people made. They were all really cool!


  1. it is kinda like a scrapbook, I did it here http://www.scrapblog.com it’s free and TOTALLY cool. LOVE IT

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I know you had a blast. Maybe next year I will be able to meet you there.

  3. Adrian thanks so much for sharing all these great pictures – sure looks like you all had a good time at the Diva house and convention – wish I’d been there!

  4. I have only ever been to one convention – the BlogHer convention I just got back from in July – what fun! It looks like a great group of people you have the fortune of hanging with – getting to know!

    Hope you have a good week, Adrian – see you soon – Kellan

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