Blake and the Art of Japanese T-Shirt Folding

While watching the Olympics today, Blake and I decided it was time to sort out his clothes to make room for his new school clothes. While I was trying to show him how to fold his shirts, I remembered a video I’d seen on Japanese T-Shirt folding. So I dug it up on YouTube and we had the best time learning how to do all sorts of cool stuff! We did indeed learn how to fold t-shirts and also socks.

I can’t get the darn video to load, so here is the link.

We learned how to speed peel a banana (break in half and squish each piece to the center), speed peel a potato (dunk in cold water and squeeze and the peel slides right off), soothe a baby (the sound of running water is automatically soothing to them), peel an egg (pinch off a bit on each end and blow the egg straight out) and speed tie his tennis shoes. Blake had the best time with all this. I think he thinks YouTube is the greatest invention known to man!


Naturally, if we are doing anything interesting, the kitties feel like they need to get in on the act. Here is Sassy, making sure that all the neatly folded socks and underwear lie nice and FLAT. She’s mad because I woke her up with the flash. (I don’t know what she is doing with the remote. I think she wanted to watch more Meow Mix commercials…)

Buster made his contribution upstairs. Here he is “helping” me sweep! I just don’t know what I would do without household help like this!


  1. too funny adrian. my “kids” love to help with the housework as well. laundry and making beds are their favorite.

    cheers ~ carol.

  2. AWESOME! i am going to have to poke around YouTube for a little while, this is some cool stuff!

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