2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies – wow!

Wow! Wow! and double Wow! I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics last night and I had to just about pick my jaw up from the floor! I’m a huge Olympics fan and I have watched every Opening Ceremony as far back as I can remember, but I think I can honestly say, this one takes the cake.

The amazing precision of these performers almost defies the imagination. All those complex and intricate routines that they did with the drums and the boxes, and the Tai-chi people. Oh My Heck! (That’s Utah-nics for the uninitiated). You say Oh My Frickin’ Heck when you’re really overwhelmed and “Oh for cute” in a really syrupy voice when you think something is particularly darling. Of course, the people around you may gag and retch, but that’s to be expected. Oh and don’t forget to say “pitcher” instead of picture and say “I seen” a lot. As in “I seen you at the mall last night”. My work partner does this all the time and I may have to strangle her one day and bury her body under the cherry trees near the parking lot.

But I digress… I was talking about the four and a half HOUR Olympic spectacle that we watched last night. It’s almost kind of scary. If they put this much money, time and effort into entertaining people, can you imagine what they’d be like to cope with if you went to war against them? I sure hope we never do because that would be a scary business. Just the sheer numbers of them are overwhelming. I think they said there were 7 BILLION of them or something like that.

I can see why they have to have a one child policy with that many people. It boggles the mind to try and think on that kind of scale. And the soldiers. What was up with the freaky goose-stepping soldiers? I thought that style of marching when out with ol’ Adolph. Oh well…

Anyway, the Olympics are here – whoohoo! I will be parked on the couch with the Tivo remote in my hand for the next 17 days, so don’t expect a lot of coherent conversation about of me. After all, I AM a former Olympic mascot, so I feel like I need to uphold the Olympic tradition.

PS: I have one thing that is puzzling me terribly. Can ANYBODY tell me why they kept playing Scotland the Brave on the freakin’ bagpipes last night during the Parade of Nations? They played it at least three different times and I couldn’t see a Scottish athlete in sight, so we were all completely baffled. I kept expecting the announcer to say something about it, but he never said a word. I mean BAGPIPES in CHINA? What kind of a crazy, mixed up deal is that?

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  1. I love the Olympics too. I didn’t get to see the opening ceremonies :( but I’ll be watching just about everything else. If I’m home, the Olympics will be on the tv. :)

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