Celebrating: I Walked 200 Miles!

If you’ve been watching my little counter at the bottom of my page, you might have noticed that I was getting close to a milestone – I’ve walked 200 miles out of my 500 mile goal. It’s taken me a bit longer to do it than I thought it would, but I’m proud of my accomplishment just the same.

I started back in November after watching Fat March. I saw the phenomenal changes these people had made after walking 500 miles in 6 weeks and I decided to try it myself. Since I didn’t have six weeks to devote to it full time, I decided to just squeeze in my exercise a bit at a time whenever I could.

Considering what a total couch potato I was when I started this journey, this really is an amazing difference. Since I’ve done it all just a mile or two at a time, that number represents dozens of times of getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning and getting out my trusty Walk Away the Pounds tapes, or lacing on my walking shoes for a quick walk before work. That’s a major lifestyle change for me.

Now, if I had a great weight loss number to add to the post, that would make for the perfect happy ending. Sadly, that part is a bit longer in coming, but I’m confident that with the exercise combined with my new eating habits (less is more!), it will pay off eventually. I just need to keep plugging along and think positive!


  1. Way to go!

  2. I walked a couple of miles from the station to the office this morning. It’s a good tactic for squeezing some exercise into the limited ‘free’ time available.

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