Clutterbugs: “Adrians’ Clean-Up Club” fomat

OK ladies, I’ve been thinking a lot more about how I want my decluttering classes to be. Do you like the name? I’m not sure if I like the “Adrian’s Cleanup Club” or if I want something completely different. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

For the format, I’m thinking something similar to a Weight Watchers-type format. A combination of lessons and individual sharing and group problem-solving. I’m planning to limit it to no more than 4-6 participants so everyone will get a chance to talk. I’m thinking 4 sessions of about an hour and a half – maybe like 4 consecutive Thursdays or something. Here are some of the topics I want to cover:

– Session 1 – Get aquainted and introduce the program

– Session 2 – Basics of decluttering without crashing and burning
– Session 3 – Getting help from husbands and children (should this be lesson 2??)
– Session 4 – Building good habits for the long run, books, resources and Speed Cleaning tips

Obviously, being the on-line queen of things, I’m thinking of setting up some kind of an on-line resource for my group. I’m just debating whether to set it up as a blog or a yahoo group. I like the new feature that lets you pre-load blog posts so I could set up tips about a week or so ahead of time. But if I set it up as a Yahoo group, then it’s more interactive and they can posts questions and responses to each other. I dunno. Needs more thinking about.

I’ve got a CD coming that is supposed to give me a lot of good information on how to set this up, how to advertise, plan my lessons, etc. I alternate between thinking that I’m not going to have enough info to fill up 90 minutes and thinking that 90 minutes isn’t going to be nearly enough. I guess I won’t know until I get in there and try it.

I’m thinking I would charge $40 per person for the whole four sessions. Does that seem about right? That’s $10 a class and would give me $40-$60 a night if I get a full class of four. It’s not a fortune, but it’s enough to help out with some bills plus a few supplies. I’m thinking I should put together some kind of folders for them to organize their information and whatever handouts I put together. I’ll also want one of those big easel things that you write on.

Thanks for giving me a chance to talk things through and get them out of my head. Sometimes that’s helpful to get your thoughts organized. Any suggestions, please leave me a comment. Although, looking at my poll, it looks like we’ve got a lot more “cleanies” than “messies”. Hope I can find enough participants!

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