Blake Helps at The Bike Rodeo

Blake and I had a great time yesterday and we were able to help some people too. A bunch of businesses in our town get together every year to give away about 1,000 bikes to needy children. They also give them helmets, bike locks, and a bit of hands-on safety training.

I got involved in it because as a former Olympic Volunteer, I am on the official state “volunteer list”. I get E-mails from time to time asking me to help out with things like this and when I have the time, I try to help them out. It was funny because the event organizer was my Stampin’ Up! Team leader from the Ronald McDonald House – gosh that girl gets around! I thought it would be fun for Blake to come too, so we loaded up his bike and off we went on Saturday morning.

I thought he’d just want to ride his bike around and have fun with this kids, but surprisingly he wanted to help us out and he was a great helper. Our job was to fit the kids with their helmets. He would ask them what color they wanted, go get the helmet, help me fit it and then direct them to the next station for their safety training. It was actually kind of funny because he wouldn’t allow me to do any part of “his” job. I was only allowed to fit the actual helmet and give the little safety spiel.

I think it’s wonderful when we can involve our kids in activities like this that provide service to others and give them a chance to help others less fortunate than ourselves. And you could tell that these kids were really thrilled to be getting these bikes. 

Funny enough, Blake ended up getting a new bike himself the next day. We’ve been talking about getting him a bigger bike and this week is the big garage sale at our church. We wandered back there after church and sure enough, there were two nice bikes that had been put in for the garage sale. They were only $20, so we went ahead and got him one. I like to think that someone had a little reward in mind for him after helping all these other kids get their bikes.

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