Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conference. Boy, those can be words to strike fear into a parent’s heart! After nearly 25 years of raising boys, I can’t even count the number of parent-teacher conferences I’ve had to sit through. The High School ones are the worst when you’ve got half a dozen different teachers to visit and a gym full of parents.

The funny thing is, all three of my boys are so darn much alike, I’ve practically memorized the whole spiel:

– Terrific in English
– Good in Math
– Decent in Science and History
– Average speller
– Lousy handwriting

I have never had even ONE conference where they didn’t mention this little tidbit. Of course they put it in teacher terms – “visits excessively with his neighbors” or something like that, but what they’re really trying to say is “would you object terribly if I put duct tape over his mouth??”

They are preaching to the choir, honey! Don’t forget that I have lived with these boys for their entire lives and I not only live with them, I live with their FATHER, who is the worst one of all!

I swear sometimes I think my ears are going to bleed these guys talk SO much! And the funny thing is that they all need to talk to ME. It doesn’t matter if I’m sleeping, eating, watching TV, or typing on my computer, one of them is talking to me virtually at all times (yes, including right now!)

The other day, I nearly threw my cell phone out the window. I was at work, working on a big project with a tight deadline and they called me NINE times in one afternoon – arggghhh!

It would be helpful if they were at least telling me something I want to hear, but most of it is complete gibberish, at least from my point of view. Blake wants to tell me about his video games, Star Wars, and anything about Egypt, Matt wants to tell me about music, guitars, and musicians, and Tony wants to tell me bad jokes and every tiny little tidbit of what goes on at his work (not much!). And usually all at once!

I get pretty good at half listening and nodding in various directions while my eyes glaze over. Gets me in trouble sometimes when I realize I’ve agreed to host a sleepover for six kids, or a trip to the mall for the latest video game. Oh well. At least their teachers have to deal with them for part of the day…


  1. Oooo, I’ll be having those conferences coming up. Right now, I keep hearing stories where I do the “are you sure you’re talking about the same child” because that description of behavior does NOT match what I see at home (fortunately in a good way!).

  2. For heaven’s sake don’t discourage them! Finally, some lucky young women may wind up with husbands who actually TALK to them!

  3. Over from SITS. Loved the Cat-lympics. 2 of mine are in the climb the Christmas tree while avoiding getting sprayed with the spritzer event.

  4. I guess you can be glad they are not mono-syllabllic grunters like many teenage boys

  5. yikes! and I thot girls are louder and talk much! ha ha! My brothers were all quite. I guess coz we girls out-noise them!

  6. Hhhmmmm, this sounds like my house!

  7. Lol! I guess it’s better then being shy?

  8. LOL! That’s hilarious! My son (17) is like that sometimes. But not enough for my taste. I usually have to ‘guess’ what he’s up to.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Congratulations on your big SITS day. That’s quite something…

  10. hmmmm this surprisingly reminds me of my husband with the talking all the time and the half listening. i feel my future might look like yours. ha!

  11. I hated conferences but I had the opposite problem. They always told me my youngest was so quiet and they’d really like for him to participate more. I just wanted to strangle them. I was shy too and you can’t force a shy kid out of their shell. It ain’t gonna happen.

    Happy SITS day and Merry Christmas Eve!

  12. I so feel your pain!

    congrats on having a saucy blog!

  13. I think my son doesn’t talk very much at school–he bottles it up and unleashes it at home!

  14. my hubby insists on letting me get on the phone (usually making a call HE wants me to make so he doesn’t have to) then insists on telling me what to say and how and when WHILE i’m trying to listen to the operator or the other person and i can never here them so i sometimes i hang up and tell him to finish cause i can’t here them both at the same time, this makes him really happy…or not. 😉

  15. Wow – our house is JUST the opposite – of course we have 2 girls, and I’m a talker – so my husband, who is very quiet by nature, is often found wide-eyed and overwhelmed by the talking around him! Maybe someday their wives will appreciate it. lol

  16. Too funny!! Everybody has to have at least one. Not sure how you are able to function with FOUR!!!

  17. I’m getting the play-by-play of Wii Mario Cart from the other room as I try to read this.

    He gets it from my MIL. I thrive on peace and quiet. I’m off to hide in my closet for 10 minutes to “regroup.”

  18. Happy SITS Day! I have a chatterbox as well. My favorite teacher euphemism is “He’s very social.”

  19. I hear you! It drives me crazy when people talk to me while I’m reading :)

  20. Ha! I believe I have a post that discusses bleeding ears as well.

  21. Yes, I have GIRLS like that…I have one who tells me every detail of the book she is reading while another talks about what she ate for every meal and what she’s going to eat and what she wants to eat, and what she ate yesterday. So I can relate.

  22. I can’t imagine my life any other way. The interruptions, the volume, the chaotic joy of children in the house. I know I will miss all that when they are out of the house creating the life God has for them.

  23. If talking is the worst thing the teacher has to say, I say you’ve got it made!

  24. Nine times in one day is a little much. I think some schools just like to call parents a lot!

  25. That is way too funny. My daughter was pretty much a chatter as well as I am. I had a teacher once tell me that I had diarrhea of the mouth! They may talk a lot but they sure sound like good boys. Happy SITS day!

  26. I totally relate…once I walked around for a whole day with those spponging ear plugs in my ears and just nodded and smiled when needed…they never figured it out!!!


  27. We are talkers in this family, too. Especially my 20 year old son. The problems is he wants to talk about stuff from his college courses. Engineering stuff that means nothing to me and bores me silly. The stuff I really want to hear about, like the girl he is dating, he doesn’t talk about.

  28. Yep, I’ve got a talker too!

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  29. I love it! But I think I am like your boys….I just love to talk :)~

  30. Congrats on being featured on SITS today!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  31. Hahaha, hilarious! I’ve got three girls WHO LOVE TO TALK too, a little younger though…so I can’t wait those high school parent/teacher conferences. I’ve already had a couple elementary ones and they’ve all said “excessive talking,” hehe. Yes, as if us mothers didn’t know that because we don’t have to live with the non-stop talking. I feel for ya girl but mine’s just getting started so….maybe you should feel sorry for me, hehe. Cute blog, hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  32. Ha! Well at least you know they’re outgoing an friendly, right?

  33. It’s nice that they want to talk to you and have you included in their life, even if it is noisy. :) Over here from SITS.

  34. happy FB day!!! so much fun!!! what a great little early christmas present!

    my girls are talkers too…and i always get that from their teachers. when they are little, we played 123 mouse…and it usually lasted like 3 seconds! so fun!

  35. That is so funny. 😀
    I think that probably what I did to my mom and what my little brother is doing to her now. Poor lady. She is a saint for never getting angry with us when we’d talk her ear off.
    As a punishment I am SURE me and my husband will have kids like that. 😀

    Happy SITS day.
    Congrats again.


  36. But you know what teachers say: The only parents who come to parent-teacher conferences are the ones who really don’t need to. And you’ll treasure those talkative memories in a few years, believe me — if that helps!

  37. My husband AND son are quite the talkers ~ although my son has quieted down a bit lately – he’s 15 now – but his tendency is to tell some pretty good stories in some pretty good detail. ;o)

  38. heeeheee. I cant offer any sympathy here as my mother heard the same thing for 18 years of school….and boy is it payback time as I fear I am raising a mini me that will be the same way. We cant help it if we have lots to say….lol

  39. Love the TALKS TOO MUCH! comment…I see about 12 years worth of teachers telling me my little guy talks to much in my future. 😉

  40. Oh yeah, the incessant jabber… it can drive a woman insane! Oh, and congrats on the SITS feature!!

  41. Haha you sound just like my mom – I have three brothers and it’s the same way! Sometimes, when we all get to looking for her she jokes that someone let the sheep out as we all call out “Maa” =] Oh motherhood. <3

  42. My daughter is only in kindergarten, so thus far the conferences we have include statements more towards “she’s VERY social!” and “She is rather verbally expressive…” But you know, it’s all the same thing. Given that she has *me* for a mother, though, it is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black to accuse her of talking too much…. 😀

    Cheers and happy SITS day!!

  43. LOL..just enjoy the fact that your boys still want to talk to you.
    I have three teenaged sons. Two rarely come out of their room. One is huge talker..and our newest(we have a visitor for a few weeks) also talks non stop.

  44. Too funny! Is someone talking at you while you read this comment?

  45. And to think men are supposedly the strong, SILENT type! Who knew?! I love your blog and your layout is so pretty! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  46. That’s funny! Who knew boys talked so much!

  47. I am without a doubt the talker in my family. I think my poor husband could relate to your post. (Although I have learned to let him have a little quiet time with the NFL on the weekends).

    My son is still young so it remains to be seen if he will be a big talker, but all signs point to yes.

    Happy holidays and enjoy your talkers.

  48. That’s funny, usually it’s the girls who talk too much.

  49. My boy is 3 3/4. He is turning out the same. So many words.

  50. I hear this kind of thing and remember why I can’t wait for my kid to start forming sentences!

  51. ha ha, I am the teacher saying those things. I am a high school teacher and I so use all of those expressions to mean the same thing…can I please tape him to them chair/tape his mouth shut/tape his hands to his sides…etc…. and I know what you mean about the parent madhouse. You only have to talk to 6 teachers…I have to talk to 60parents.

  52. Too funny!!! Sounds like lots of crazy fun!
    Happy SITS day :)

  53. Good heavens… mine oldest is only 5, is this what I have in store for me?? Even now I have to say Shhhhhhhh just to get a moment to think by myself without being interrupted.

    I guess at least they are willing to share….

  54. As a teacher I have to say that I have lots of students that talk too much. I have to find creative ways to say it too.

  55. HA! I know this life…I think it’s mine!!! 😀

    I have one boy and one girl and neither one of them knows how to stay quite for any length of time.

    Although, I did have one teacher (that had been one of my teachers) tell me at a conference that she could tell my son was mine…ALWAYS TALKING.

    Oh well, I guess it’s in the genes… :)

  56. Your house sounds like our house before my brother moved out!

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