A Dozen Scrapbook Pages from Retreat

Along with all the fun projects everyone brought for the retreat, we also had a lot of time to work on our own projects. Most of the other girls decided to work on Christmas cards and other projects, but I decided that this would be a great time to get caught up on my scrapbooking. I had to take apart Matt’s baby album because it was in that old “magnetic” style scrapbook and was ruining the pictures. Fortunately, they weren’t actually “scrapbooked”, so I didn’t mind taking them out of the album and I thought it would be nice to create some special pages just for him.

I was really pleased because I got eleven pages done over the weekend. That’s a lot for me because I’m not a fast scrapbooker. I tend to spend a lot of time just looking at the pages, trying to determine which colors, layout, and embellishments to use, so eleven pages is a BIG accomplishment for me. And I’m happy with them. My style tends to be pretty simple with a lot of focus on the pictures and the color combinations. I like to throw in a few embellishments, just for fun, but I still keep it pretty simple. I used all Stampin’ Up! paper and some stamps and punches, but since this is for my personal scrapbooks, I also threw in some of the fun embellishments from the Scrapbook Expo. I’m actually getting a lot of mileage out of all those $1 chipboard, stickers and other goodies I found.

Baby pictures are surprisingly hard to scrapbook because there really isn’t a lot going on. You basically have a bunch of pictures of the baby lying around or different people holding him. It’ll be a lot more fun once I get to the 2 or 3 year old pictures where there’s a lot more action in the pictures.

I like this film strip effect with the spiral punch. I had seen that somewhere and I thought it was really cute and it worked well with the black and white chipboard letters.

Sorry about the glare on the pictures. I hate to take them out of the plastic sleeves because I don’t want the pages to be damaged sliding them in and out. I tried angling them differently, but there was always a glare somewhere.

Like most people, I don’t care much for my handwriting, but because we were “roughing it”, I didn’t have access to a computer or printer, so I had to use hand journalling. I used some notebook paper on a couple of pages, used my old, retired journalling stamp set, and one of the door prizes I won had some index cards, so I used those too. I’m normally not a big journaller, but I’ve been trying to do more journalling on my pages.

When I was going through my pictures I discovered I had a lot of pictures of Matt when he was sleeping. He was a very light sleeper, so it was fairly rare that we could catch a picture of him sleeping and even more rare than I could actually touch him when he was sleeping. So the pictures where he is sleeping in my arms is probably the only times we could ever get him to do that. It’s funny because he sleeps like the dead now and I usually have to pound on his door to wake him up in the mornings.

I just love the puzzle pieces. I think they were one of the neatest things I was able to find at the Expo. The large letters have both a positive and negative image that you can use. The big ones wouldn’t fit across the page, so I had to use the small punched out ones. The small ones have rub-on letters and are double sided so you can mix and match the colors and patterns – very fun!

I love the picture of the cat in the bassinet. That’s our Tigger who was my pet before we got married. I loved him to death, but I nearly freaked when I saw him in the baby’s bed. It was about a week before the birth and we had lovingly washed all the bedding and gotten everything all ready for the baby-to-be and then we walk in and there is Tigger sleeping so peacefully in the baby bassinet with a big smile on his little kitty face. You could tell that he was thinking that his people were so kind to set him up such a soft and comfortable little bed. Naturally, we shooed him out of there and re-washed everything and then we had to be careful to keep the bedroom door closed so he never got in there again.

These pictures were from a very special trip. When Matt was born, we lived in So. California and my Mom and Dad lived in Utah. My Mom tipped me off that my favorite Aunt and Uncle were coming for a visit from their home in Northern CA. So, we cooked up a plan for a surprise visit for them to see the baby. We flew in and my Dad pretended that he was going to the grocery store, but really he was picking us up from the airport. When I came through the door with the baby in my arms, my uncle was in the living room. At first, it didn’t register that I wasn’t supposed to be there, but then he was so surprised and both of them were absolutely delighted to see Matt.

It was also a nice opportunity to visit with my sister and my nieces who both enjoyed holding the baby. Even at 12 and 14, they were both crazy about kids. It’s funny to think that between them they have 5 kids of their own now!

I think this one is my favorite spread. I just love cute little baby butts! I tried to show these to Matt’s girlfriend Niki, but he got all embarassed and closed the album so she couldn’t see them. I guess that’s the whole point of pictures like this – to show them to his friends and watch him get all red and embarassed – evil mother!!!

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  1. wow girlie!!! you’ve been busy!!! look at all these layouts that you’ve created. Great job!!! Love your stories too – especially about surprising your Aunt n’ Uncle. I love surprises.


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