Fun Night with the Supper Club – Playing SPOONS

Well, I promised you a post about our Supper Club night. We had a wonderful time tonight. The weather was wonderful so we were able to set up tables outside under the apple tree. In fact, I even got bonked by an apple! One fell from the tree and caught me right on the bean.  

As the hosts we were responsible for the main dish, so we made buffalo burgers and some great red beans and rice. If you’ve never tasted buffalo, you really have to try it. It’s leaner than beef and much more flavorful. Marianne and Scott brought the appetizers and the red wine, and Cheryl and Keith brought a delicious salad with rice and artichoke hearts and also a great white wine. Dorothy and Tim brought two fabulous freshly made peach pies with some ice cream – my favorite! I don’t know why I’m including the husbands because I’m pretty sure they didn’t have much, if anything to do with it. Guess I’m just nice that way.

After dinner, we always have a game to play and the host family gets to pick the game. I found a fun game on the Internet – actually on Splitcoaststampers, oddly enough. It’s called Spoons. It was fast paced and fun, but slightly hazardous. We had a broken nail, a sore shoulder, and several bruised fingers. Here’s how you play the game – all you need are two decks of cards and a handful of spoons, one less than the number of players (see where we’re going here???). The dealer deals four cards to each player and then starts passing cards around the table as fast as he or she can.

Everyone is trying to get four cards that are all the same, while passing the cards around the table as quickly as possible. It gets really funny. As soon as someone has all four cards, they yell “SPOONS” and everyone grabs for the spoons as fast as they can. Whoever doesn’t get a spoon gets a letter. 

As soon as someone has enough letters to spell the word SPOONS, then you reduce the number of spoons by one and start another round. By the time you are down to six people and two spoons, it gets pretty intense.

Here’s our motley crew -Keith, Dorothy, Tim, Scott, Marianne, and Cheryl. Tony’s in the 2nd picture and you can see that Scott is back there with his finger up his nose. If you knew Scott, you’d understand – he’s quite a character!


  1. looks like fun!!

  2. great pics, Adrian!!! thanks 4 sharing!!

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