DWTS and Idol Season Finales – Wow!

Wow, we had a boatload of great finale episodes this week!


I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole episode on my Tivo, but I caught the tail end of it to see the results. I was shocked that Laila didn’t end up in the final two. I totally thought she might win, but I guess Joey had a bigger following. I was very pleased that Apolo won. I really think he was the best dancer in the group. They all worked so hard, but I thought he really put his heart and soul into it. I’m still wondering if he and Julianne had a bit of a “thing” going on. They were awfully cute together and it seemed like they were pretty cozy. Plus, she broke off her engagement during the show. I think it would be hard to work that closely for so many weeks with these people and not develop feelings for them. I guess time will tell.


The American Idol finale is always a very strange mix of the fantastic mixed in with the bizarre. I’m always so surprised at the guest stars they pick. It’s like they’ve cornered the market on washed up entertainers. I love Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, and Bette Midler, but they’re hardly mainstream talent. It was kind of fun seeing some of the older Idols like Ruben, Kelly, and Taylor and some of the people who had been voted off earlier like Lakisha and Chris Sligh – even Sanjaya. We were definitely huge Blake fans, but I was delighted that Jordin won. I think she’s amazing. Everyone keeps saying she is amazing for 17, but I think she would be just as amazing at 35. She’s got great poise, talent, and personality.


Lots of changes, lots of surprises! Gosh I love this show. It’s kind of sad that people are breaking up all over, but I guess that just clears the slate for a bunch of new drama next season. I wonder if they were using this as a way to write Isaiah Washington out of the show after all the controversy this year? I hope they don’t write George out too. He’s one of my favorites.


Interesting show – looks like they’ve built up some good cliff-hangers for next season. I love Lynette’s Mom. Anyone believe that Edie has really killed herself? I can’t believe they would write a major character like that out of the series? I’m betting that the rope breaks or someone comes to rescue her at the last minute. Time will tell….

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