WordPress Upgrade was Successful


Well, my WordPress upgrade is now complete and I think it’s been a great success.  Blogelina did a great job of bringing across all my Blogger posts, comments and photos as well as setting up my custom design.  We’ve had to make a few little tweaks here and there, but on the whole it’s been […]

My Blog is Making the Word Press Switch

My blog is upgrading to Word Press

I have been thinking about this for literally years, but I am finally ready to take the big step of upgrading from Blogger to self-hosted Word Press.  I’m actually pretty tech-savvy, but I’m smart enough to know when I am over my head, so I’ve hired a company called Blogelina to handle my transition.  Fingers […]

The Daily Finance Lessons are Starting to Pay Off

The Daily Finance Lessons are starting to pay off.

As a finance blogger and a Scout leader, I am passionate about teaching young people about money.  To me, it isn’t just a one-shot deal, it is a daily string of opportunities to both teach them and show them some how to manage their money.  Not just being thrifty, though that’s part of it, but […]

How I FLUNKED Contact Lenses!

How I FLUNKED Contact Lenses

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most aggravating.  A few months back, I had some extra money in my insurance account that I had to use or lose by a certain date.  I’d had about all the dental work I could stand (a pretty nasty root canal and several fillings) and we were all […]

Kid’s Craft Tutorial: Popsicle Stick Catapults

Kids Craft Popsicle Stick Catapults #AdriansCrazyLife

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest of things can be the most fun?  One of our Scout leaders came up with these little catapults and we’ve used them several times since then.  The kids just love them.  They would be perfect for birthday parties, Sunday school classes, Scout activities (obviously!), or even Homeschooling Physics […]

3 Ways to Create Authentic Communications

3 Ways to Create Authentic Communications

I was listening to a speaker at a blogger event I was doing at the Utah Food Bank tonight and he said something that resonated with me.  He said “Everything Communicates” and then he went on to explain exactly what that meant.  His name is Spencer Taggart and he is a social media professor at […]

Three GENIUS Products for Cats

Three GENIUS Products for Cats

OK, in my last post about cats, I promised you a couple of products for your own feline friends.  As I mentioned, I have owned a whole passel of kitties, so I have tried just about every product out there and these are the ones that have worked out well for me. If you will […]

I Think College is a Rip-Off!

I think College Is a Rip-Off! #AdriansCrazyLife

There!  I said it.  I think college is a huge rip-off.  I know it’s supposed to be the American Dream, but I was skeptical of it when I was a kid and if anything, I’ve gotten more skeptical as I’ve gotten older.  College tuition has skyrocketed FAR more than anyone can explain satisfactorily.  The latest […]