How to Use Azova for Online Medical Help

Azova is a great tool for online medical consultations. Save time and get help from home.

Janet Thaeler - One of my best blogger friends invited me to a blogger event for Azova health.  It's a new system where you can meet up with medical professionals online.  I was pretty excited about this because I HATE taking time off work for medical appointments.   Disclaimer - I did receive free services and a lovely dinner with the … [Continue reading]

Uplift Families and their Parenting Conference

Me and Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  Last month, I got to do something very cool.  I attended a bloggers luncheon at the Governor's Mansion with our Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert.  She has an initiative called Uplift Families.  Her goal is to promote … [Continue reading]

It’s July – Are you Ready for CHRISTMAS?

It's July! Are you READY for Christmas? I am. I have half my holiday money all tucked away.

Hello and welcome to my blog!  Can you believe that summer is already half over?  Just think - Christmas will be HERE before we know it (groan).  Personally, I hate to even THINK about it, but it rolls around every year just like clockwork.   Now … [Continue reading]

What Do We OWE Our Adult Children?

What do we OWE our Adult Children? Interesting thought - are we giving them too much or too little?

I haven't done a new parenting post in a while.  I witnessed an intriguing conversation that popped up in my Facebook feed on this topic.  Since I have a newly adult child (my youngest just turned 18), I thought it was time to talk about it. … [Continue reading]

Treasure Your Memories with Mixbook

Matt's Wedding

Welcome!  I am hoping you are as obsessed with pictures as I am.  My family photos are definitely my most treasured possessions, so I am always interested in new ways to display them.  I hope you are too, because that's where comes in … [Continue reading]

How to Use the new Tailwind Tribes Feature

The new Tailwind Tribes feature is EASY and Powerful. Great way to boost your Pinterest presence.

Welcome!  If you are looking for some help with your Pinterest account, you are in the right place.  I love Pinterest and I LOVE teaching people how to do stuff, so this is definitely a win-win situation.   For me, Pinterest is a business, a … [Continue reading]

Looking Fabulous at Family Fun Friday #4

Looking FABULOUS at Family Fun Friday linky party.

Welcome!  I'm so happy you stopped by to enjoy our Family Fun Friday linky party. Along with my co-hosts, I'll be featuring this link-up on my blog every week. Every week we share the talents and top posts from our blogging friends all around the … [Continue reading]

Flash Giveaway to Odysseo Show

The horses are the real stars of the Odysseo show

Welcome.  I'm so glad you are here.   A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to an amazing show here in Salt Lake.  It is called Odysseo by Cavalia, and it was such an incredible evening for my husband and I and all of my blogger friends. … [Continue reading]

Awesome Solutions for your Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are the PITS. Here are some solutions that will help make you more comfortable.

Welcome!  I hope you are having a terrific day! Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite solutions for sinus problems.  Sinus problems are the PITS!  And I get more than my share of them. Allergies - check! Deviated septum - … [Continue reading]

Maximize Your Closet with Halftees

Halftees are the most versatile pieces in your closet. You can wear them frontwards or backwards to vary the neckline and they don't add bulk under your layers.

So glad you are here.   Once in a while, I find things that I really think are cool and want to share with you.  I ran across Halftees are perfect in that respect. They stop with an elastic band just under the bustline and there are a variety of … [Continue reading]

Odysseo by Cavalia – What an AMAZING Show

Here's our Utah bloggers group at Odysseo's Social Media Night

Odysseo by Cavalia is a unique big top show that is traveling around the country.  We are lucky enough to have them in Salt Lake for a few more weeks.  I did a giveaway for them a couple of weeks ago and so earned pair of free tickets to their Social … [Continue reading]

Is Your Pinterest Account a HOT MESS?

You may be doing Pinterest all wrong. I've got some helpful tips to get your boards back on track.

Hi there!  So glad you decided to stop by today.  If you are looking for a little help with your Pinterest account, you are in the right place. Pinterest is a great tool and it's been an awesome resource for a lot of people, blogs, and … [Continue reading]

Plus-Sized Spring Fashions with ModCloth

Plus Sized Spring Fashions with ModCloth. I am always so happy to find fantastic plus sized clothes, and Modcloth has some beautiful choices for you.

Welcome!  I hope Spring in your area is gorgeous!  Here's a little peek at what Spring looks like here in Utah.  It's my very favorite season for just this reason.       I don't know about you, but this warmer weather … [Continue reading]

Flash Giveaway – Tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia

Odysseo by Cavalia

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Congratulations to our winners Natalie and Joy.  I'll be following up via Email with instructions.   This is a crazy fast giveaway.  In fact, it is only good for ONE day, so I'm not even going to bother with the usual … [Continue reading]

How to Break up with your Toxic Friends

A softer way to end toxic friendships - bless and release. I'm still going to love you, but I'm going to do it from waaay over here...

Thanks for stopping by today.  Today we are going to talk about a subject that is very familiar to anyone, especially women - toxic friendships.  Friendships that have gone sour for some reason or just people who are mean, overly needy, or just plain … [Continue reading]