15% off All Costumes at BuyCostumes.com


You know I'm always looking out for you.  That's why I found this great code to help you save on an awesome assortment of Halloween costumes for kids and adults.  PS:  It also includes $4.99 flat rate shipping. In fact, I've got a bit of shopping to do myself.  My granddaughter Gabby's birthday is next week and I usually buy her Halloween … [Continue reading]

4 Easy Steps to Photo Organization

Four Easy Steps to Photo Organization

Photo credit                   A while back when my husband and sons were off camping, I took advantage of a rare weekend alone to tackle a big project I'd been putting … [Continue reading]

My First ComicCon

My First ComicCon @AdriansCrazyLif Having a fun time with my kids at my first ComicCon

ComicCon seems to be the hottest thing to hit the Salt Lake Valley over the last three years.  I don't have the exact stats, but I know it has been the most highly attended event in Utah history and I think it ranks highly nationwide. (Yes, I am too … [Continue reading]

How to Eliminate 90% of Your Paper Clutter

How to Eliminate 90% of Your Paper Clutter - @AdriansCrazyLif Some simple tips to cut waaaay back on the amount of paper you need to keep in your house.

Image courtesy of ScottChan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net I think one of the biggest clutter challenges my readers ask about is PAPER. It's like a faucet that never shuts off. Every day when the mailman comes - more paper. The kids come home from … [Continue reading]

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids @AdriansCrazyLif A collection of fantastic resources for Autistic/ADHD/Asperger's kids

A lot of my friends have kids on the Asperger's or Autism spectrum or are teachers who deal with kids in the classroom who are struggling with these issues, so when I found this terrific website called National Autistism Resources with some very … [Continue reading]

A Clever Way to Use Quotes to Boost Your Motivation

How to use quotes for motivation #AdriansCrazyLif Great tips for how to create easy motivation from my Pinterest quotes.

I LOVE quotes.  Actually, saying that I love them really doesn't do it justice.  Maybe I'm even a little obsessed with quotes.  Some of my favorite quotes have been an influence on my life for decades. The problem is remembering them.  I have a … [Continue reading]

Overcome Your ADD-ness In Your Chores

Overcome Your ADD'ness with your Chores @AdriansCrazyLif Some easy techniques to get MORE done, even if you are ADD, like me!

OK, I have to 'fess up, like many of you, I am seriously ADD.  At times, my mind has the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel Pupply - (Squirrel!).  A lot of it is my own fault.  I am always doing at least 2 or 4 (or 9!) things at once, and my mind is … [Continue reading]

How to Downsize Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages

How to Downsize your Digital Scrapbooking Pages @AdriansCrazyLif I show you how to easily downsize those 12 X 12 pages to 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 - EASY.

One thing I love about digital scrapbooking is that you aren't necessarily married to a page size.  I typically like to design my pages in 12 X 12, but I don't necessarily like storing the 12 X 12 albums.  They take up a LOT of space and are kind of … [Continue reading]

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages – Early Years

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages Sleepyhead Page @AdriansCrazyLif This page documents my son's natural ability to fall asleep at any time and in any place!

I'm a proud Mama today!  My son was just awarded his Eagle rank last night.  So, as we are getting ready to celebrate his achievement, I am scrambling to finish up his Scouting album so we can display it on his display table at his Eagle Court of … [Continue reading]

5 Tips to Manage Teen Boys and Their Beloved Electronics

5 Tips to Manage Teen Boys and their Beloved Electronics @AdriansCrazyLif I think this is a serious problem the parents of many boys struggle with. Here are some tips to help.

Pretty typical picture isn't it?  Not just for teen boys, but for everyone.  Seems like all of us are spending major amounts of time staring at screens these days - not just phones, but iPads, computers, video games, and TV's.  It's almost to the … [Continue reading]

Gorgeous Fall Fashions From Jane.com

Fabulous Fall Fashion from Jane.com

  I haven't posted anything from Jane in a while and Fall is coming on, so I've found some lovely deals for you on fabulous Fall Fashions.  Perfect time for Pumpkin Latte's and nice cozy blankets. This post contains affiliate links - which … [Continue reading]

The SHAME of A Messy House

Eliminate the SHAME of a Messy House @AdriansCrazyLif Maybe we need to rethink our thinking about who is a "bad housekeeper"

I think there is one common thread among women and that is the fear and embarrasment of being "caught" with a messy house.  I'm not sure if we pick this up from our mothers or from TV or where, but I think it's a universal feeling, and it's … [Continue reading]

Grocery Store Couponing Strategies

Couponing Guest Post from Jason at DealSpotr.com - Some great couponing basics for every smart shopper.

Today we have a guest poster from DealSpotr.com.  I've long wanted to do a couponing guest post because it's the one financial strategy where I have no expertise.  But Jason is a pro at it, so I've asked him to share some of his couponing magic with … [Continue reading]

Labor Day Sale at EasyCanvas Prints – 75% off sitewide

EasyCanvasPrints Labor Day Sale 75% Off Sitewide

Now that summer is over, it's time to get your photos out of your devices and onto your walls.  And EasyCanvas Prints has your back.  For their Labor Day sale, they are offering an amazing 75% off sitewide, plus free shipping.  That is definitely a … [Continue reading]

How to Get Your Family to HELP With Housework

How to Get Your Family to HELP with Housework @AdriansCrazyLif It can be easier than you think if you just are clear about what you want.

If you are like most people, you live with one or more other people. The problem with this is that no two people have the same level of cleanliness. Invariably, one person is going to end up being the "cleaner" one and one will be the "messy" one. … [Continue reading]