The Dog Whisperer gives me Hope for Parenting

The Dog Whisperer gives me Hope for Parenting

I’m watching the Dog Whisperer and I have to say, this show really gives me hope as a parent.  Do you know why? At the beginning of the program, they show these dogs with all these issues – barking, biting, misbehavior of all types.  And these dogs just seem so out of control and completely […]

Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction

Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction

Part of the “Crazy” in Adrian’s Crazy Life is my interest in all things social media-related.  Well, maybe interest isn’t really a strong-enough word, although I don’t think I’m quite as media-addicted as some of my friends are.   I think the reason for this is because I have some techniques that help me keep […]

Progress in the Teen Money Wars

Progress in the Teen Money Wars

Raising responsible teens is definitely an on-going process, so I think you need to celebrate every possible bit of progress.  I had one particular issue I had been fighting ever since we started in Jr. High – lunch money.   Photo credit Neither of us likes making lunches, so we had initially decided to allow […]

Have a DebtFree Christmas – Next Year

Have a DebtFree Christmas - Next Year

The holidays provide a great excuse for overspending.  It’s only once a year, and there are ads and specials plastered everywhere, and after all, you have to get people *something*, right?  So, you whip out your credit card and get busy spending, spending, spending.  Then the minute Christmas is over, you start dreading those awful […]

Motivation – Do You Need a GOLD STAR?

Gold Star

Do you have the need for a “Gold star” from your mate when you do things around the house?  A little extra praise and acknowledgement for chores or special tasks you take on, even if the task is something you did on your own?  I think that’s a common human need, to feel like you […]

How to Deal with a “Packrat”

How to Deal with a "Packrat"

One thing I hear from a lot of my clients is that they have a messy house, but it isn’t their fault.  They are fairly neat and organized themselves, but they have the misfortune to live with someone who is a “collector”, a “packrat” or maybe even someone with mild hoarding tendencies.  This can cause […]

Guest Post: How to Manage Your MAIL!

Seana Turner

This is a guest post from Professional Organizer Seana Turner of The Seana Method.  I’m so pleased she has agreed to share some of her wonderful tips with us today. Managing The Mail Mail: it just keeps coming and coming… and coming. We stash it, stick it, pile it up, and cringe every time we […]

The Amazing POWER of Residual Income

The Power of Residual Income

I don’t normally share specific details about my finances.  It’s just not a great idea on the Internet, but I think I need to share a bit more than usual to illustrate this point about the power you can generate from residual income. Residual income can be many things – it can be interest income […]

The TRICK to Minimum Payments

The TRICK to Minimum Payments

Credit card debt can be a significant drain on your budget. Even if you’ve gotten smart and put the cards away (or cut them up!), you still need to find a way to rid yourselves of those pesky balances.   One trap that many debt-ridden consumers get into is just paying the minimum payment.  Here’s […]

Jacob T. Marley – Christmas Book Review

Jacob T Marley book review

Just the other day, I shared another Christmas book with you – God Bless Us Every One.  I liked that book, but I LOVED this one.  This is essentially a prequel to the beloved classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, but it was written by a modern Utah-based author R. William Bennett.   I liked […]

Do You Think Your Teen is Awesome? You Should!

Do You Think Your Teen Is AWESOME?

Think back to when your teenager was a tiny baby and you used to get so excited about the simplest things – their first step, their first word, or how cute they looked sleeping in their cribs with their little butts in the air?   Be honest – how long as it been since you’ve […]

Making Your Closet Work

Making Your Closet WORK

Let’s be honest – most articles about organizing your closet, just focus on throwing your stuff away.  I will agree that it sometimes is a necessary step, but not always.  I mean, you paid a lot of money for those clothes and at some point, you really liked them, so why would you throw them out just […]