Expert Tips on What to Pack for a Blog Conference

I've been to a dozen different conferences and I love to share tips on how to pack and what you don't really need.

I am about to head out for my third Build Your Blog Conference next week - this will be my one dozenth blog conference.  If that doesn't make me an "expert", I don't know what does. There are always a ton of questions from people on what to pack, what to bring, what to do, etc.  So I always try to pull together a quick list of items and … [Continue reading]

Avoid the Grammar Police with Grammarly

Grammarly is a cool new tool (that's free) to act as an autocorrect on your grammar and punctuation

As a blogger on several platforms and a freelance writer for as well, I do a LOT of writing in a week, and I'm not always as careful as I would like to be about my grammar and punctuation choices.  That's why it's been really helpful to … [Continue reading]

7 Tips to Make Your House SELF CLEANING

7 Tips to Make Your House Self-Cleaning #AdriansCrazyLife 7 Tips to REDUCE your household chores.

I don't know about you, but I HATE cleaning!  Any time there is the slightest chance that I could do LESS of it, I am all over it! So, I've been doing a little research on the topic and I've discovered not one, but SEVEN different ways you can … [Continue reading]

True Confessions of an Email HOARDER

I am such an Email HOARDER. I share some tips to get it under control.

OK, I have a confession to make.  When it comes to Email, I am a true hoarder.  I'm pretty good about physical clutter, but I live and die by my computer and when it comes to Email or digital files, I never like to get rid of ANYTHING. Part of it … [Continue reading]

Time to Take the Tree Down

It's time to take your Christmas decorations down!

OK, we've all done it, but let's not do it this year. We all know people who still have the Christmas tree up clear into March, but that's not going to happen this year.   If your holiday decorations are still up (and yes, my son and daughter-in-law … [Continue reading]

A Weird Way to Watch Movies for a Buck

VidAngel - a weird way to watch movies for just $1

Now, I'm not necessarily a "deal blogger", but I definitely keep my eyes open and when I spot something that is a good deal for you, I always pass on the information to my readers.  This time I've found a way to massively cut costs on watching … [Continue reading]

Powerful Tips to Organize your Kids – Mornings

Organizing your kids series. This is the 3rd and last post. It's about taking back your mornings.

Here's the final installment in my organizing kids series.  This one is about taking back your mornings.  With school-aged kids, it can be a real headache to get them out of bed, pulled together and fed, and somehow off to school on time every … [Continue reading]

Powerful Tips to Organize Your Kids – Chores

Organizing Tips for your kids - This one is for chores. 3 part series

Is there anything more pesky and annoying than trying to get your kids to do their chores? Unless you were born with that magically organized child (I never had THAT kid!) you are going to be fighting this fight for at least 18 years. According to … [Continue reading]

Powerful Tips to Organize Your Kids – Homework

Organizing Your Kids - This post is about homework. 1 of 3 of the series.

It occurred to me that in this New Year's motivational series, I had not included any posts about parenting.  So, I am starting a 3-part series here about both parenting and organization - double win!  This first one is about helping your kids … [Continue reading]

How Long Will It Take to Pay Your Christmas Bills?

My Christmas bills are paid off - how 'bout yours? Here are some tips to avoid this issue next year.

Tomorrow is my second payday after Christmas. And tomorrow, I will write a check and poof!  All my Christmas bills will be paid off.  My holiday situation wasn't always like this - like many people, I used to have credit card bills from the holidays … [Continue reading]

Happy New Year’s 2016

A Little Help for Your New Year's Resolutions

If there is anything I struggle with in my life, it's dealing with my various habits.  I struggle with both breaking bad habits and creating good ones.  I have even done some research trying to find a magical solution. It seems to be a pretty … [Continue reading]

Are Gym Memberships a Good Deal?

Gym memberships can be a ripoff. Here are six ways to save money on them.

I did a post about saving money at the gym last year and I decided I wanted to revisit it again as part of my New Year's Motivation series.  The first week of January is exactly the time of year when people start flooding to the gym again to try and … [Continue reading]

Sneaky Tricks for Weight Loss – #5 School Cafeteria


I hope you've been enjoying my series so far.  This is my final post in the series, but I think it's my favorite.  As the head of the USDA, Brian Wansink was given a challenge to improve the nutrition in the typical school cafeteria.  And I have to … [Continue reading]

Sneaky Tricks for Weight Loss – #4 Grocery Shopping

The 4th installment of my weight loss series shows you some easy tricks to shop smarter and healthier.

Here in the 4th post of the series, it's time to talk about some smart strategies in the grocery store.  I know a lot of posts you see are talking about making thrifty choices while grocery shopping, but these are some little tricks that will help … [Continue reading]

Sneaky Tricks for Weight Loss – #3 Manage Snacking

One of the tricky things in losing weight is managing your snacks. I've got some tips that will help.

In our last post, we talked about customizing our kitchens for a new healthy lifestyle.  The nice thing about these tips is that you aren't going overboard.  You are just making a few simple changes that will pay off in the long run.  Today, we are … [Continue reading]