How to Find the HOT Promo Codes for Hot Topic

How to get the Hot promo codes at hot topic with Dealspotr

When I do my gift shopping, there is one site that I head to consistently - Hot Topic!  I know most parenting bloggers are writing about their adorable babies and cute toddlers, but we passed that stage a LONG time ago.   When you're buying for older teen and adult children, you've got to up your game a bit.  My boys always wanted items mostly … [Continue reading]

Easy Hack to Create Pinterest Hashtags with Tailwind

#Pinteresttips #Pinteresttricks #Pinteresthacks #Tailwind #bloggertips

In case you haven't heard the news, there's some great news on the wind.  Pinterest has finally caved and is now allowing people to use Pinterest hashtags!  From what I'm hearing they are saying use a FEW hashtags, like 4 or 5 rather than the 30-ish … [Continue reading]

How to Save Money on a Car Purchase with

I can show you how to save money with

Getting a good deal on a car - either a new car or a used one, can be a long and challenging process.  I've talked about it a length in a previous post - How to Negotiate a Good Deal on a Car.  However, I now have a new resource to help you get the … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Reveal – Painted Oak Cabinets

Kitchen reveal - our brand new painted oak cabinets. It's gorgeous and was easier than you'd think.

Sooooo, we've been mucking around all summer with a kitchen remodel.  We've been poking around for like a year looking at painted oak cabinets, but it's a big change, and an expensive one.  But we've had these old 70's style golden oak cabinets in … [Continue reading]

6 Secrets to Become a Morning Person and LOVE It

Becoming a morning person is EASY with these helpful tips.

The world seems to be broken into two types of people - the morning person and the night owl.  I am decidedly in the night owl camp, but this is the real world.  I have a job that requires me to function as somewhat of a morning person - if I want to … [Continue reading]

20 Amazing Examples of Colorful DIY Boho Decor for your Gypsy Look

Boho decor is one of the hottest trends in home decor. It adds that unique gypsy touch that adds character to a room. Here are 20 great examples you can make yourself.

I've long been fascinated with boho decor. If you're wondering what boho decor is, it's kind of a bohemian, gypsy style of decorating that tends to be fun, funky, and most of all colorful! I grew up in boring, bland apartments, so I am DYING for … [Continue reading]

5 Types of Best Friends Every Mompreneur Needs

Life as a Mompreneur can be stressful. Having these 5 types of friends can make life so much easier.

As I get older, I find that some friends have fallen to the wayside while others are my saving grace.  I think of them as my "Tribe" and they ARE my people. Life is filled with ups and downs, circumstances lead us down many paths and it can be … [Continue reading]

Want to Use Tailwind for FREE? This is How I Do It

I have a great strategy to get my Tailwind account for FREE. You can too.

Tailwind is my hands-down FAVORITE scheduling tool for Pinterest.  I've used it for nearly two years and I use it a LOT.  I use it for myself and also for my VA clients, so I really give it a workout!  I like it even better because I've been able to … [Continue reading]

Amazing Household Organizing Strategies for You

Store bulky items like comforters, blankets, towels and pillows in these handy bags to save space and keep them dust and bug-free.

One of the topics I write about is organizing strategies and I haven't done anything in this area in a while.  So I wanted to share a collection of some of my BEST tools to boost your organizing strategies. Let's face it, part of the key to … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Side Hustle

A side hustle can be very helpful for both your finances and your life. Read more to find out why.

I am guest-posting this week for my friend Charissa over at Cook with a Shoe.  She is running a whole series on the side hustle and she asked me to write about my experiences with side hustles.  Here is my post about Fiverr and I'm working on another … [Continue reading]

How to Create Group Boards and Why You NEED Them

Pinterest strategy - why you need your own group boards

Joining other people's group boards on Pinterest is very important.  But I think it's almost MORE important to have group boards of your own.  Why?  Well, for one thing, you can be kicked off other people's boards, but on your own boards, you can pin … [Continue reading]

Giveaway and Discount Code for SeaQuest Aquarium Utah

Our visit to SeaQuest Utah along with giveaway and discount code

Recently, I decided to give my family a little pre-Easter treat by taking them for a visit to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Layton, Utah.  We spent the whole day there and we had SO MUCH FUN!   Disclaimer:  I was compensated by SeaQuest Utah … [Continue reading]

Do Your Devices Need a Good Spring Cleaning?

Professional organizer Seana Turner is joining us to talk about Spring cleaning for our digital devices.

This is another guest post from my friend Seana Turner of the Seana Method.  Seana is a Professional Organizer - she's actually the President of the Connecticut Chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). She has guest … [Continue reading]

Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Trips Easier

I have a great selection of camping hacks to make your next camping trip much more enjoyable.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely a city girl when it comes to camping.  I go a couple of times a year with our Boy Scout Troop or with my husband.  So I firmly believe that I need lots of help and advice about camping.  So I started a … [Continue reading]

Tips You Need to Manage Your Online Shopping

I have tips to help you stop overshopping. They've worked well for me!

An online shopping addiction can be a real problem for your finances.  Actually, ANY kind of shopping addiction can be a real problem for your finances, but online shopping is SO easy, it can get out of hand very quickly.  All it takes is a few … [Continue reading]